this isn’t the best post ever…just saying.

my dogs are going insane.

i need someone to walk them. i feel like a bad dog mom. they love me–really–but crap. they need more attention.

i am exhausted and just finished an outline for a paper–so i don’t have much energy to write some grand ol blog.

some things to note:

i am exhausted (did we cover that?)

my fridge is totally empty. i probably won’t eat for a few months until i pay for my europe trip. oh well.

every rhetoric book i have (and that is quite a few) has made its way to my kitchen table and probably won’t be seeing the bookshelf for another 2 months until my vis com paper is complete. it might look like clutter–but it is just brilliance sitting in my living room.

just decided to go to LA today. will be gone the 31st – 3rd. going to see ED!!! (so excited with butterflies)

i really really really really miss mandy.

reconnected with a good friend–this has been the highlight of the last two days for me. i feel much more like myself now.

i am starving. i want pizza. with lots of cheese.

can’t stop listening to “brand new” and “the bravery”. thank you sara.

i currently have no good shows on the docket. imogen heap is coming–but i have seen her twice and i don’t think i can justify the cost right now. europe and all.

i need a really good make out session. like one that lasts for hours.

i wish i could buy seedless lemons so that when i drink vodka tonics, the lemon seeds won’t get stuck in my straw. it makes me SOOO angry.

being cold in the winter makes me a little lonely.

i kicked someone out of my life that shouldn’t be there anymore. i feel better and sad all at the same time.

looking forward to saturday class, REAL salt lake game, and manda’s halloween party.

until then, homework rules my life.

i love you all.



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  1. youre SO welcome….i ALWAYS need pizza. with loooots o cheese. NOT afraid to admit that my two favorite pizza places of all time, that i crave night and day, are settebellos and sbarro. YES SBARRO. you read me right.

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