when is the right time to punch someone in the face???

so i have been more than bothered by a comment that this person that i work with made the other day in the employee cafeteria. so bothered, in fact, that every time i set eyes on this person now, i sort of want to kick him in the teeth.

we have all heard (hopefully) that obama has just signed the new hate crimes bill into law. this all stemmed from the brutal beating and murder of matthew shepard. (click on his name to get details) it is sort of an important historical piece of information for hate crimes, gay rights, and civil rights. in short, matthew was beaten and murdered for being gay. this happens, all the time, and for no good reason. it is because people are taught to hate and be violent. people are taught to be intolerant and hateful and judgmental. hate crimes for any reason should be punished under federal law, no questions asked. however, they have not been protected under federal law until now.

please clik here.

so, back to my story.

i am eating my backed potato (yes, i don’t love potatoes) and CNN is on the television. they are talking about how obama is “going to sign this hate crimes bill” into law. a few people start talking about something or other…”isn’t this already a law?”. i can see why people would think that…because it should be. and sure, hate crimes are against the law because it is unlawful to beat people up. šŸ™‚ however, gender and sexual orientation related hate crimes have not been protected under federal law until now, which people may not know. so, after i mention something to that effect, this middle aged, white, semi affluent, religious, man says something like “you know, white middle aged men face the most prejudice in this country”.

chelsea stares him in the eye…..”excuse me?”

“yeah, where is my law saying that no one can commit hate crimes against me?”

chelsea’s mouth drops open.

“are you serious? tell me the last time a crime of hate was committed against a white middle – aged heterosexual man because he was white and heterosexual? how many times have you seen that on the news???”

avoiding the question he says, “shouldn’t we all be protected under this law and not just gay people?”

i want to seriously punch him.

“when was the last time you were a target and afraid for your life, ???” . seirously.

this is the kind of self centeredness that if not harnessed in the correct way TUNRS into hate and then ends up beating a gay person and tieing them to a fence in the middle of nowhere and leaving them to die.

don’t get me wrong, i do not think that this person would do this. however, i do think that this mentality is dangerous.

NO! you do not need a law. people aren’t targeting you and people like you with the intent to do serious harm because of who you are. you do NOT KNOW what that is like. i do not know. even as a woman, i can’t comprehend the injustice and hate and prejudice that homosexual people in this country have to face. it is terrifying. only a week ago i watched a video of a gay man being beaten in an alley in NY….because he was gay. he was left for dead…and was lucky enough to get away with his life. that is what being a target is. that is why certain people need laws to protect them.

your arrogant ass needs to recognize this.

i am proud of our president for understanding this concept. it isn’t a difficult one.

PEOPLE! THEY ARE CALLED HUMAN RIGHTS FOR A REASON. but yes, some people need more protection than others because the intolerance they face is sometimes life and death.

ok. off the soap box. šŸ™‚


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  1. Google: "Gordon Church murder" and see what happened in our own backyard (Cedar City, UT) years before the Matthew Shepard was killed."Hate crime" ought to have been a term and legislation born from Church's tragedy–years before Matthew Shepard's death.Never underestimate the power of a gag order in a small town full of like-minded zealots. …not to get you all fired up again…

  2. i cant even BEGIN to say all i want to about this.im so done with people. humanity lately is just pissing me straight off.hell yes for obama FINALLY passing this law in relation to homosexual and transgendered people.

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