oh it gets so lonely, when the streets are full of strangers….

…i have been singing that joni mitchell tune in the back of my head for a few days now. i just had the most amazing vacation!

there is something to be said for things being last minute. first off, you don’t have to wait long for the “thing” to arrive. last minute trips are great for this. in the case of my california vacation, it was about 2 weeks prior to the departure date that we decided to go. so, before i knew it–i was in a car driving to LA.

i drove out with my friend heidi and her girlfriend sarah. we had a good time driving out and talking, reading, listening to good music and generally enjoying the beautiful landscape and a Halloween on the road. we got to california in really good time and ed met us before heidi and sarah headed off to LA and whisked me away to ventura, where he lives.

ed and i have been friends for a LONG time. i met him the summer of 2001 when his band was on tour and played a show at burts tiki lounge in SLC. we hit it off, hung out all night getting ice cream, and have kept in touch over the past 8 or so years. it was awesome to go see his neck of the woods and have a little introduction to his world. i liked his world. you can’t beat the ocean, warm weather, and of course–he is pretty great by himself. so, i felt lucky to have had such an awesome time. too bad all of that great stuff is about 500 miles away. but then again…what is 500 miles??? i say NOTHING! haha.

i am feeling rather at peace lately. like i have taken control. like i am in charge. things are good. 🙂

and because i love joni mitchell and this song…please enjoy…

and somehow, i always feel more beautiful in the sun. but i suppose that is true for everyone. winter makes me feel like poo. so, here is to remembering!!


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