i’m a festival, i’m a parade

i am about to disappear for a little while. i mean, not REALLY, of course–but things are about to start tail spinning until the end of the semester. i am not too worried or stressed about it, i am just honest with myself about the fact that my social life will be coming to quite a halt until my 15 page paper on veil fetish is written and my final project for writing for new media is turned in and given to the client. good news is that my saturday class is finished and i am pretty sure that i did a good job. so, there is one A down. again, i am hoping for a 4.0 this semester, so we will see. i am a second year graduate student and STILL have never pulled off the 4.0. i have too many 3.9’s to mention. oh well. perfection is overrated anyway, i suppose.

there isn’t too much to mention really. i am looking forward to holding up at the coffee shop and just writing my brains out, actually. i have been listening to a lot of good music and also been pulling out a lot of the “fall” collection. sometimes i categorize music by season. so what. 😉 about this time last year i was listening to a lot of ray lamontagne, kings of leon, and ryan adams. when the leaves start turning orange and red, i want to hear these tunes again.

some new (to me) bands i should mention that i currently can’t get enough of (mostly thanks to sara):


favorite song from this album: (don’t super love the video, but oh well–check out some live versions on youtube)

soooooooooooooo anyway.

work is super busy. life is super busy. i have kind of backed off on the dating thing for a while because it is stupid and wears me out. i simply don’t have time for games or insincere dudes. so, i have decided to instead give that time to my wonderful girlfriends or to guys who are genuinely awesome. so far, the bestest one lives in california–so oh well. and for the record, i have to say, that dudes who are nearly 37 who are now dating 23 year olds are pretty pathetic. 🙂 glad i am over that bidness. i guess you gotta get em young to fool them into thinking you are serious about them. poor girl is in for a treat!

see, i am just not caring about not putting things like this in the blog anymore. haha. if you suck, you are getting called out.

if you don’t suck, you are also getting called out. california has my ❤ a little bit. all of it. the beach, the sky, the boy.

ANYWAY. the ❤ has been through the ringer in the past 2 years, so for now, it is staying in my chest where it belongs. but i can feel it getting restless.

and i miss my sister.

and i am craving sushi and indian food (after an amazing trip to the bombay house with steph last weekend).

and i hate TV

and i will be making christmas presents again this year. i decided that i am not sinking a butt load of money into crap that people don’t care about. ug christmas. effing streesssssss.

and i am currently undergoing teeth whitening. my gums hurt and my teeth are sensitive. but hey, beauty is pain, as my mom always said.

end and end.


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  1. Miss you too, sister. I wish you were online right now. But I think it islike 2 am or some shiz on a school night…sigh…It is hard not talking to you all of the time.

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