a little birdie told me

it has been a while since i have been here. mostly cause of a new project–but also too cause i have just been soo busy (like usual).

things have been going pretty good. although, it is starting to get more than a little bit cold here in this city of mine. i miss my garage. i do not miss my house–but yes, i miss the garage.

speaking of the house, there are a few updates. no, it has not sold. but we did get a new realtor. and john has been actually taking care of all of that. surprisingly. he has even painted the house and is getting some things in order. we are looking to do a short sell now–we just have to get an offer. i guess that means we are going to bring the price down WAY low so that we can get a little bidding war started. we have probably about 90 days before FORECLOSURE.

how am i seeing this?

i have 90 days until i don’t have to worry about that crap anymore. whether it sells or it gets taken over by the bank…bubye house and all the bad connotations you bring with you. i do not wish to ever see you again. 🙂

school is good. the 15 page paper got pretty much done, so in my head, i am pretty much done with vis com. i have to present the paper on tuesday and the after that–consider that bidness done. tomorrow i have a big study session to finish up some stuff for new media, so hopefully, i will feel better about that class after. we shall see.

also, it looks like a no go on the europe trip. with all my efforts to find a better priced itinerary (which i did), they still decided to go with the more expensive trip. so, i am not going to go. i think that $3,700 for the trip on top of $2,500 for the class is just basically bloody ridiculous. more than anything, it is the POINT of it all. you do not get to financially rape me because i want an amazing experience. i can do it on my own for a lot less money. in fact, there is a little group of us thinking we will do it for graduation, using the same travel agent that i found to price out this trip. she was great. 🙂 kudos to morris murdock…they were fair. whatever travel agency westminster went through was a joke.

so. thanksgiving is this week. awesome. i am excited to spend a mellow day AT WORK. yes, you heard me. i have to work. then i will eat with the fam and we will go catch a flick.

mandy, you will be missed more than i can say.

i guess that means christmas is around the corner. really, can we just pass it over all together? i would like it to just sort of go away this year. i have no money. i will make presents again–but still. i have no time. no money. and no motivation to deck the effing halls. sorry.

also, this new moon/twilight stuff can go away now also. these screaming middle aged stay at home moms have gotten out of control. hahahaa. nah, you know what i mean. it is just creepy when people get so obsessed. edward cullen is NOT going to make an appearance in your bedroom. sorry, ladies. plus, he has a smash face.

i am looking forward to a few things:

minus the bear and as tall as lions next friday. OH HELLS YES. this will be probably one of the best shows of the year. and, i haven’t been to a show in a few weeks. so, i am anxious.

also, i am looking forward to CHICKSMAS!! yes, girls christmas party this year….girlsquad is out and chicksmas is in. time to change it up!! hahah. or rather, time to just be clever. this is one christmas event i can’t wait for.

looking forward to a long weekend. although, i have to work thanksgiving, i DO get friday off. 🙂

that is pretty much it.

love my girls lately. 🙂


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