a great show

the holiday weekend has been fantastic.

friday’s show, as tall as lions and minus the bear, was pretty fantastic. i was bummed out cause we got there a little late and ATAL’s set was almost over. i really really didn’t want that to happen. however, we had an amazing dinner at a place I had never eaten at before called “Eva’. it is a darling tapas restaurant and it warranted being a bit late. if you haven’t eaten there, i highly (HIGHLY) recommend it.

CLICK HERE to check it out.

the show was good. i needed some good tunes, so that was nice. it also wassn’t so packed that it was annoying. so, i was grateful for that. here are some pics:

As Tall As Lions

Minus The Bear

saturday i spent laying around the house and hanging with my dogs. i didn’t do anything. it was sort of blissful. i didn’t even shower. sometimes, i guess we all need those days. i watched movies and painted my nails…and then finished the day with some awesome john mayer live followed by an interview and videos. i am sort of obsessed with him lately. i have always been a big fan, but his new album, Battle Studies, has been on a heavy rotation for me for a few weeks now. i love love love it.

i got my ass out of bed somewhat early today and cleaned my car–with all the problems it has been having, i thought some love and care would maybe help! we shall see. i got my laundry under control and really really cleaned my house. so i am feeling pretty ok.

i think i need to take a break from drinking for a bit. i am about to start my two weeks of south beach again…which means no alcohol the first two weeks, so that should be good. i have been having way toooo many ugly days lately, so i think it is time to start working on my health just a little bit more than i have. as i approach 30, i can feel differences in my body that i don’t like. i should probably start working out. but ew. i really really hate working out. i would rather eat lettuce for a month than work out. is that lame? maybe i just need a work out buddy. who is up for doing some cardio 3 or 4 times a week? i guess i need a gym membership. ug. shoot me now. and one more thing, how on earth will i find time? i guess i have it. but this girl does NOT get up early. only unless a job is on the line. sooooooooo….these will have to be evening workouts.

not too much else is going on lately. i seemed to have brought my crazy ass life down a notch–which is good i suppose, but i find i am getting bored. however, i am also getting more and more ok with this whole being/living/doing life alone.

semester is almost over. things are pretty much wrapped up and done. one a presentation and editing a paper left! yes!

i am going to chillllll out over christmas. 🙂

loves loves loves



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  1. Gym membership at Westminster is cheap and I have one – I could be a workout buddy! Morning or evening – it is easier when someone else is counting on you. Whadya think?

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