the best part about the holidays


last night we had our little girl christmas party…and it was great like it is every year. i really don’t know how i did it; got these amazing girlfriends. but here they are year after year, nonetheless.

we got together at sarah smith’s this year and ate and drank and did amazing white elephants. we also have sort of made this tradition out of what we call a “compliment circle”. i know, sounds cheesy right? guess what? it is. it is the BEST way. as we open our white elephants, we then take just a few minutes to say something nice about the person whose turn it is. we did a pretty good job and not losing it this year…in fact, i think i only cried once. but it is just an affirmation of how much we all count on, care for, and encourage each other. so many of us have been through really hard times and really amazing times…and we are all there for each one. i really think it is rare. in fact, i know it is.

the holidays in general are weird for me, especially now that i am single. it takes a lot for me to even just put up any sort of decorations. i enjoy spending christmas day with my family, but with mandy being gone this year, i am feel extraordinarily lonely. however, this wonderful girl’s get together reminded me how many ridiculously amazing people i have in my life and there is no need for me to EVER feel lonely. i have 15 girls i could call at any moment. so, i need to quit feeling sorry for myself. 😉

this week is my last week of classes! two parties to go and i am done. i am sooo looking forward to a break. and, i think i finally have my schedule for next semester under wraps also, which is encouraging. i dropped my advanced web design class because i think i am finally come to terms with the fact that i don’t really love it. i want to write. i don’t want to design. i am so happy that i took so many series of design classes however, so that i could come to terms with that. and if anything, it is quite a resume builder. i am very much looking forward to next semester. AND, also looking forward to the pop culture conference in March!!! that is going to be bad ass. and also, by march…things are going to start getting warmer. the weather here has been atrocious. but we are nearly half way done.

now, i just have to find me some really amazing new years plans and a really amazing boy to kiss at midnight. why is new years ALWAYS disappointing??

life is good.

things to note:

i did 45 minutes of yoga today
i have 8 dollars in my bank account
i gave up coffee for tea, and it is embarrassing how much i am drinking it (currently drinking it now…)
i have developed an addiction to hulu and the following shows: GLEE, modern family, cougar town, and community. it is pretty bad ass.
i wish that james mcavoy could clone himself and show up on my door step


weekend pictures!


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  1. So glad to have turned you on to the magic that is tea. I only hope that you are treating yourself to the wonders of loose leaf.Looks like I missed an amazing Chicksmas…:( I am lonely for you too. Should be back online tomorrow. have been out of the online world for a few days. Love love love you

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