let’s catch up, shall we?

my semester is OVAH, beeotches!

and let’s just check this bidness out:

that is right, i got a 4.0!! my 3.8 and 3.9 streak is over!!! i mean sure, i have enjoyed getting good grades my entire life…but nothing says “merry christmas, chelsea” like a 4.0.

i am very very proud of myself. the semester was awesome and i learned a lot. the few days i have of a break until then will be nice down time….but i am also looking forward to next semester. i think my significant break from boyfriend/dating world has a lot to do with this GPA, so i am also going to be a bit careful about that next semester as well. i will be incorporating a workout schedule on campus along with next semester’s classes. i am really looking forward to it actually and have some great friends that are joining me in the cause of better fitness in 2010. yes, i am one of THOSE people.

also, i got some new ink. i am very stoked on this new piece, as i have been wanting it for a LONG time. the lyric is “i can not sleep without the radio on” from a circa survive song. this lyric, for me, sort of encompasses my entire obsession with music and how it alters, shapes, and creates my life. it gets me through rough times and is there for me during happy times. so, for me this tattoo will always be a reminder of that very good friend that i will always have at my finger tips. nick phillips did this piece, and not trev who usually does my work. i wanted this arm to look different than my other one. i don’t know that i will make this into a sleeve or not at some point, but at least this is a good start. i sort of like it all by itself.

and yes, it hurts and is gross and peely right now. ah, the price we pay for art on our bodies for a lifetime. it is small…but brutal for a few days.

lots of events have been going on for the holidays since chicksmas. we had breakfast with santa at my work, and i got to take my buddy evie. i have to steal children for work events…haha. i mean, i wouldn’t really go to breakfast with santa otherwise. sara went also and we had a fun time. veevers wasn’t so stoked on sitting on santa’s lap…but she colored her little heart out at the craft table and i think she was just stoked to have a ‘ladies’ day out with sara and i. we had so much fun!

i also had a little get together at my house with some great friends from school to celebrate the end of the semester. heidi’s girlfriend sarah made an AMAZING indian dinner that was enjoyed an incredible amount. then we chatted about school and next semester and grad school in general. i am very lucky to have made such wonderful friends in my program. it makes the entire experience so much more rich and well rounded. i truly love all of these people!!

tonight, kris and rachel are having a holiday get together at their place and lacey is in town!!!! omg, so much excitement!! i can’t wait to see everyone and catch up with my favorite portland friend.

life is really good. i am not even minding the snow.

now, i just need some amazing new year’s plans. ug. i hope hope this isn’t a disappointment this year!!! i am leaning towards a party with jason and sara….but who will there be to kiss? and why is the kiss the most important part? i have no idea…but it really really is. i gotta kiss someone. and someone decent looking. whether i know them or not is not really an issue. haha.

i hope everyone has a merry christmas, a happy holiday, a grand hanukkah, or what have you. just be merry and get on with it!!!


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