a year in a list

here are some things that happened in my life in 2009 (in no particular order than an order of thoughts…)

• Rang in the new year with my single ladies at greenstreet—and it wasn’t so bad
• Lived with a roommate again for the first time in 9 years
• Remembered I will never live with roommates again
• Realized I couldn’t pay my ridiculous mortgage on my own
• Met and dated several douche bags
• Took the summer off of school to deal with my life
• Felt sorry for myself a lot
• Felt stuck a lot
• MOVED!!!! Left the marital hellhole behind and found a place that is perfect for me and my pups back downtown.
• Got a little depressed around July
• Joined match.com and met and dated more douche bags
• Had lots of wonderful nights with my girlfriends
• Wrote a 30 page paper on the rhetoric of death
• Went on a CRUISE!!
• Had a summer of fun in the sun at pool club
• Hung out with my sister a lot who was here for a few months
• Threw several parties
• Gained a few pounds
• Was more broke than I had been since I was 20
• Cried a lot
• Met some more amazing new friends from school
• Got my first 4.0 EVER!!
• Spent Christmas Eve alone for the first time in my life
• Hung out in LA for a weekend
• Went to Philadelphia for work and spent way too many hours in the Burberry store
• Didn’t pay taxes (at all) for half the year…this will be fun come tax time
• Stopped meeting and dating douche bags
• Spent more time alone
• Gave up coffee (for the most part)
• Went to A LOT of amazing shows to see a lot of amazing bands
• Didn’t die

Here are some things that I hope for in 2010:

• Present an awesome paper at the National Pop Culture conference in March in St Louis
• Start working out more because I am getting old
• Really try to enjoy my time on campus and make it a point to go to more lecture series, poetry readings, etc
• Write more poems
• Read more books besides school books
• Loose the awesome few pounds I gained in 2009
• Learn to love myself more
• Enjoy quite moments
• Plant a garden
• Eat more organic, less sugar, less alcohol, more veggies and whole grains
• Go on a road trip and take some time off work
• Get a bonus at work
• Spend more nights at home and less nights out
• Graduate with my masters degree….or at least have everything completed to begin working on my book for my field project
• Date only those who are worthy of my time
• Spend more one on one time with my closest friends
• Spend more time with my parents and sisters
• Be less plugged into this computer all the time—I need to learn how to “shut down” more
• Become more on top of my finances and forgive myself for the financial ruin that divorce has offered me
• Love myself, understand myself, appreciate myself….more.

And because I am such a picture lover…here are a few of my favorites from this year.


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