some things.

i sure do like my life. ๐Ÿ™‚

things have been so good lately. super mellow and really sort of easy.

i had the director of my grad program look over my degree audit this week and the verdict is in! i only have (4) courses left for graduation. FOUR! that means i will take 2 classes this summer and 2 in the fall….and then that is it! i will still have to do my field project/thesis…but damn, i can’t believe how fast that course work went by. i have been taking a full load with (3) courses each semester, so even the thought of only taking 2 classes each of these semesters makes me soo happy. that means only one week night a week and then some saturday courses. i am really proud of myself. and i am a little scared to be done. i am such a better person when i am in school, even if i have less time.

i think i am going to take a break for a while though. i was hell bent on getting into a PhD program by the time i graduated–but i think i am going to take more time deciding on that…where…and when. i figure i can still move and still do some traveling without having to be locked down to a specific place for a while. it isn’t really a matter of not thinking i will do my PhD. i know i will. but i am not going to rush it. once i am done with that…then what? not much more school to do after that…and the thought of being done with school completely gives me anxiety.

can anyone say major student loans??? i don’t even want to think about the monthly payment that is going to be. and it will probably hit just as i am getting back on my feet from awesome divorce debt!!!

things are still on hold with the short sell of the house, speaking of. i have to call back tomorrow and check on the progress. things are moving along though…i just wish we would get an “answer”.

ALSO! today is one week away from my big dirty 30!!!!!! i can’t believe it. i remember being little when my mom and dad turned 30. i remember BOTH of their birthdays and specifics about them. seems crazy to think about the different places that we were/are at at thirty. let me say this: i would not change ONE thing about where i am now. i wouldn’t change any decisions, any experiences, or any mistakes. i like where i am, who i am, and who is in my life. i feel young, but i also feel so much wiser, healthier, happier, and more aware. these are all good things. some people are scared of their 30th birthday–thinking that they have left their best years behind. i feel quite the opposite. my 20’s were fine. lots of good things…but also a lot of things that were extremely difficult and hard. things i could navigate much better as the person that i am now.

i am a bad ass. ๐Ÿ™‚

i can’t wait for my amazing party with my best girlfriends in the world. we are going all out and i need a new cocktail dress for the occasion. it is going to be epic and i wouldn’t want to spend it any other way.

things get better and better everyday. i get better everyday.

let’s breakdance!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰



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