i don’t want to over do it….but….

i had the best birthday ever.

i woke up to a few wonderful emails from family and friends. work was good–i was sung to and also got a yummy cheese tray and beautiful card. that night i went out with some friends to the bongo, which was wayyy too much fun. probably drank one too many, but hello…it was my 30th! everyone was so great and wonderful and there wasn’t one thing about the day that wasn’t awesome. i knew i had a long day at work to get through on friday until my party though, so that was kind of rough. but, i did the best i could, ate a greasy breakfast that included an egg mcmuffin AND hasbrowns. so many carbs. soooo bad. however, made me feel a bit better. at about 4, i went to go check into the suite at the monaco for my party. let’s just say, i got upgraded. a guy i have been seeing for the past few weeks has a roommate that works at the monaco, and he was wonderful enough to get me a room that was twice the size as the one i had originally book. IT WAS AMAZING!!! as soon as i walked in the door, i got so excited that i forgot about how tired i was…and the party was ON!

an hour later i had all my goods packed up, including my new birthday dress, and headed back over to the hotel. one by one the most beautiful girls in the world started showing up and pretty soon it was a make up party in the gigantic bathroom. bottle of wine after bottle of wine was set on the huge dining room table as each of my wonderful friends started showing up. by 7 PM the room was filled with giggles, smiles, and hugs. cameras were going off all over the place, and i really felt loved. at 8 we had reservations for dinner downstairs at bambara. i was so happily surprised when we sat down and i noticed that the menus said “happy birthday chelsea!”. it was such a nice touch. i caught myself several times looking around the table at all of the amazing women there for my birthday and being overwhelmed at the positive influence each of them has had on my life. i knew that each one of them was there out of genuine love for me and our own personal connections…howevever, most all of them have their own relationships and it is truly an amazing site to see how each of them connect and love one another.

after dinner we went back up to the suite, where we promptly got noise complaints. ROUGH. seriously, it pissed me off just a little bit. i was paying quite a bit of money for that suite and wasn’t happy that it was only 11 PM and people were already being ass holes. so, we decided to head to the bar for a bit to give all the old folks in the hotel a break. when we got to the bar we met up with several other friends there. it turned into one big party and was soooo much fun. afterwards we headed back to the suite to wrap things up and call it a night. everything went exactly how i wanted. everything was more than i expected. it was truly an epic evening!!!

i want to thank all of the amazing people in my life who remembered me on my big day. my facebook page blew up for 2 days straight, text messages came in every few minutes, and so many wonderful people shared my day in person. some people come and go…it is true…but i am happy that my girls haven’t gone anywhere in a long time and never will.

here is to a great year!!!


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