i am a little bee

or busy, rather.

spring break was a good week of playing, getting homework done, and being generally social. which was nice. i got a lot done for my presentation in st louis and i got a lot of homework done for the upcoming week. however, that was minimal compared to the large projects that i have coming down the pike, not to mention the saturday class that will start on the 27th of this month. i think that might put me over the edge–however, i just have to keep telling myself….FOUR CLASSES LEFT! as i have been working on my presentation on embalming for st louis, i have been getting more and more excited about the possibility of a book for my field project. while the study of death, language, and grief does take its toll in a way, i never find it uninteresting or a bother to read about. i have been thinking a lot about how i want to set up the book…how many chapters, which parts of death and language i want to focus on, how long i will need for each topic, etc…and i am really looking forward to what the end product will look like. i even have a little fantasy about a real publisher picking it up. as my masters program comes to a close, i am very much looking forward to having a very hard core piece of work to show for it. i have high hopes.

i need to focus on being more mellow again. the past 4 weeks or so have been sort of insane. lots of hanging out. lots of late nights. lots of feeling generally uprooted. my 30 year old body is pissed. in fact, i think i pulled a muscle in my sleep last night. who does that? old people. that is who. lol. i mean really, i pulled a damn muscle just rolling over in bed. my half asleep mind made a joke about it at the time…and i am pretty sure i even laughed out loud in my sleep….’hahaha, chelsea. that should be your next facebook status update: who pulls a muscle in their sleep? yeah, old people. i guess that is me now”. awesome. it was really funny to me in the moment. ANYWAY, i have missed my time at home, in my bed, with my pups, and chilling the efff out.

life is still really good. i am really happy. everything is sort of working in my favor. i just got a raise at work, so that should help with these crappy divorce bills i am still trying to pay off…but i am getting there. i make my last payment on one loan this month, so i feel good about that. it is slow…but it is going. the house is still pending a short sell and the run around seems to be happening at this point. however, i am confident that it will work out and the foreclosure will be avoided.

obsessions for the past few weeks:

soy milk in my tea. yes. this is new. yes, this is delicious.

zucchini and squash noodles

watching documentaries on Hulu. check out the following:



this one is next on my list



obsessed with the new greg laswell song. get the new download HERE

blueberry cream cheese
the idea of spring cleaning
the idea of spring
the birds that are chirping in the morning when i get ready for work
seeing my friend holly kick ass in her play, Eurydice this week: check it out HERE
my hair getting longer FINALLY
being busy and happy about it
not spending money

music i am obsessing about (besides the GL song):

a new album from a band called THE MASHTIS from my friend itai in san diego

lil’ wayne, the carter 3–YUP…super explicit, dirty, raunchy, misogynistic, and terrible. but i can’t stop listening to it.

the new alkaline trio album, This Addiction…check out the new vid.

god, i love me some matt skiba. YUM! where can i find me one of those???

well, that is probably enough for now. lots i am thinking about every second of every day. 🙂



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