i have had to wait a few days before i could properly write about this update and not loose it. 🙂 but today, i am ok. and actually, today, i feel pretty ok about all of this.

while both my realtor and i spent MANY hours working towards a short sell on my house–bank of america and fanny mae dropped the ball and decided that foreclosing on my house in the middle of all of that would be a good idea. this would have been fine with me had they just done it a few months back when i wanted to. however, somehow, i got roped into one last ditch effort to avoid foreclosure. it didn’t work.

a month and a half into bank of america having received the short sell offer, they moved to a new system online. this will probably be a good thing for them in the long run, but for me, and others in the middle of moving from one system to the other..we got kind of royally screwed. the process and time frame started over once we got all of our information into the new system, which of course, was left up to my realtor and i to generate once again, rather than bank of america using the information they already had and getting two systems that spoke to each other. regardless, we were set back. fanney mae had already postponed our sell/foreclosure date twice and i was told by two people at BOA that this time wouldn’t be a problem. but apparently it was.

after 2 hours on the phone with the short sell department, on march 18th, i was told that indeed my house was foreclosing that day and really, there was nothing left to do about it.

so awesome. all of that work….gone. i wasn’t even so upset that it foreclosed–i mean, i knew that was probably coming for a long time. but, to allow us to progress on a path that was quite intense and time consuming for nothing was just frankly, quite rude.

HOWEVER, there is the word “closure” in all of this and i am so ready to be moving on with my life. that house is no longer mine. i don’t have to worry about it or do anything else with it every again. credit messed up? yup. oh well. i have fixed it once and i can do it again.

bye bye house. bye bye ex husband. i am done with you both.

the weekend was pretty rough. it took me a few days to not want to throw up every time i thought about it. but i had some great friends take care of me and offer up amazing words of strength. sometimes when you forget the positive, it is nice to have other people who will remind you.


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