getting the hellz out!

today i am boarding a plane to st louis.

heading to the national pop culture conference to present a paper on embalming! i know, i am a little weird. BUT, let me tell you, people pay attention when i talk about death and funerals.

i am a little worried cause it is windy here today and i am not a fan of turbulent flights. sure, the plane won’t come out of the sky…but a few bumps may be a little scary. this weather forcast is not helping!!! i show sun???? damn you mac dashboard. hopefully, it will clear up.

i think that some in flight drinks might be in order.

i am feeling really good about my paper and presentation. i did a lot of revamping last night of my slides and actually came right in on my 15 minute mark while practicing. i even added a few embalming photos to keep things interesting.

other things taking place in st louis will be seeing the famous arch, tea and crumpets, discrete drinking, meeting new people who surely love zombies, buffy the vampire slayer, twilight, and other various pop culture idioms. i am soooo excited. i am broke as a joke, and taking 3 days off unpaid. but whatever. life is about experience right? a few bills can wait…and if i have to live on t-bell bean burritos for a few days, i won’t die. i might feel like it…but i won’t. no embalming here!!! 🙂

i am going to miss my pups. 😦

can’t wait to give you all the updates when i get back….or while i am there! we shall see!

be good.


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