just some music obsessions

in case you all care:

i am obsessing over the following, in no particular order.

ola podrida–belly of the lion (album)
more specifically this song, lakes of wine.

i would like to put it in a cup and drink it…

i have had a recently renewed love for this band and specifically this song thanks to a late night out in st louis.

thank god for new memories.


gotta shout out to the bff for some of these. thanks, sara. 🙂


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  1. YAAAAAAAAAAY!!! im SOO happy youre so in love with these! as am i my dear girl, as am i. this is why i love sharing music- because rad people like you appreciate it and find their own loves! i need you to get me that oblda album. or whatever their name is. you know im bad with names.

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