buddy wakefield–he is genious, and other things.

i am looking at my final project for my tech writing class and feeling pretty awesome about it. the semester is over this week! i am officially done with spring term on wednesday. thank goodness. this has been a good semester, but it has felt as though it lasted a year. i think this about every spring semester usually though because it always takes utah FOREVER to get spring down. this BS of snow/spring/sun/rain/wind etc just makes everything a jumbled mess in my mind and soul. today the sun is out and i feel great–but we are supposed to get snow again before the week is over. regardless, summer term starts next week–and since the word “summer” is in there, i feel as though the damn sun needs to stick around.

it has been nice having my sister in town and this weekend was full of good things. friday i had all of my lovely ladies over for some food and beverage and to get caught up. it was one of the better girl’s nights we have had in a while. the conversation was pretty bad ass and it was good to see everyone. on saturday i went up with my family to see my baby sister dance in logan…which was also a really fun night. on sunday, we had a family lunch and burried our time capsule. when my mom first suggested the time capsule, i thought it was kind of hooky. however, it ended up being pretty amazing. we all brought something awesome to the table, and it should be interesting to see how we feel about all of those things in 10 years when we open it back up. here is to hoping no one is dead. and here is to hoping that my parents get some grandkids before then….otherwise all their time capsule hopes and dreams might be shattered. lots of mentioning of babies. and husbands. we have none. haha. i am fine with that for now–but yes, let’s hope for some changes in the next 10 years. sunday night i went and saw ani difranco with the lovely rachel rounds. i really really really really needed it. i needed some inspiration. i needed some poetry. it was a stellar evening. she had this slam poet open for her named buddy wakefield. i am obsessed. he was outstanding.

check him out (yes, there are swears. get over it or don’t watch it).

and here


seriously. amazing. if you have time, check out the site and listen to as much as possible. i have the album on the way and i am so stoked. this stuff makes me feel something. i WISH i could deliver like this. sigh.

current things i am working on:

eating organic
letting it roll off my shoulders
looking for new fresh people
getting my back yard in order for spring
not watching tv (thinking of canceling my cable…cause really, who needs it?)
reading more books unrelated to school
writing more poems
being more aware
thinking about changing my political party affiliation to social democrat
being positive
looking for a new job

you know. just a few things.

i am always feeling like things need to change…but i think when seasons change, i feel the need to rethink my life in general. out with the old, in with the new type of thing.

i need to move. i am sick to death of it here.


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