i have been busy, i think. some updates, yo.

for the past three weeks or so, i have been doing my best to only eat organic foods. this is something i have been wanting to do for a long time, but didn’t think that i could afford it and was actually a bit intimidated by the thought of completely changing up my entire eating habits, shopping at different stores, and buying completely different brands. i have only ever shopped at organic stores, like whole foods, for one offs…never to grocery shop.

but, i am happy to say, after several grocery shopping trips, i am pretty stocked and cooking only organic at home. AND, i haven’t really been spending THAT much more money on food. Sure, it is a bit more expensive…but not anywhere near what i thought it would be. and let me say, i can certainly feel a difference. also, the food tastes amazing–especially produce and meat–you can really truly taste an amazing difference in food quality and freshness. so, for me that is worth spending a little extra money on.

this whole thing started for me a long time ago–i know that the food industry in america is pretty messed up and so i wanted to learn more about it and just be generally aware of not only what i was putting into my body but more so where my dollars where going when i purchased food. in general, i eat pretty healthy. i don’t buy hardly any boxed food or things that are over-processed. however, i did buy meat, veggies, and fruit and didn’t think twice about where it came from. after watching the documentary, food inc, last month, i decided it was finally time to STOP supporting these over-sized, immoral, and aggressive companies who were producing the majority of the food i ate (even if it was “healthy”). it was a simple decision really. the way that the majority of our food in america is produced is absolutely revolting–which is why it is so inexpensive–which is why so many of our low income families are overweight–which is why we pay more for health care. the cycle is obvious. and i simply will NOT be a part of it anymore.

the one thing that i have found difficult is that organic and whole foods don’t really account for anything “diet”, “sugar free” or “low carb”. so, that has been challenging. however, any of the carbs i have been eating are no where near as processed as perhaps the “whole grains” i had been buying from the regular grocery store. and really, i should probably cut back on the sugar substitutes because they are going to kill me eventually. i think that overall, eating organic will be much more health benefitting than the low carb, low sugar diet i am used to. and since i am pretty ok with my body type and how i look, losing weight here isn’t my goal. being healthy, being good to my body, supporting companies and local farmers who need it, and taking my support away from “the man” is the point. if more people did this, we would see organic food prices go down–and perhaps more people could eat food without all the terrible chemicals and mistreatment of animals.

if you have netflix, you can stream Food Inc. i strongly recommend that everyone see this documentary. americans live in ignorance of where their food comes from and how it gets to them. and, there is nothing wrong with awareness–even if you still choose to eat the same crap you have always eaten. 🙂


so anyway, try to buy local. try to buy organic. it helps.

in other news. school is back in for summer term. i did pretty ok last semester, pulling a 3.9. so close to the 4.0–i was a little disappointed, but oh well. i can’t complain too much. i am not super happy about being in school this summer, but at least that means i will be done with course work in the fall–and i really need a light at the end of the tunnel right now. it shouldn’t been too intense either–effective presentations, and then two (1) credit courses that run back to back. and, i get the whole month of august off. so, that will be nice.

my motivation in my professional life is lacking. i think i need a vacation. a beach. a margarita. etc.

also, the damn sunshine needs to come out. it is may 10th and it is a storm outside. this pisses me off more than i can say. i need some sun and some green and some pool club.

i need a break.


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  1. Hell yeah! Way to go! I just finished a unit on food/agriculture/business w/ my kids, and we watched Food Inc. It was awesome to see them start thinking about that stuff. We're pretty good with what we eat at home – but it's hard to make the shift in eating out. I mean, I'm guessing the majority of taco carts aren't using local grass-fed meat. Bah. But here's to doing what we can! Which is a lot! I'm excited you've made the organic shift – it's not that much more expensive. Do you garden? My next step is to grow more of my own food. Now that takes time. Happy cooking!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing. I am at the same turning point, just worried about the extra cost. I am starting a new job, and it seems a new lifestyle. Thanks for your input. We really can change things for the better.

  3. i need to follow your lead with the whole organic eating thing. this holistic esthetician lady that i buy my skin care from challenged me to eat only organic and no sugar or dairy for two weeks. im gonna do it. and hopefully stick to the organic part because food inc really did upset me. and it will help that im growing a lot of our veggies this summer! ill share some with you k?

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