get motivated or get jesus? it is a little fuzzy….


if you live in salt lake city, you have not been able to miss the billboards, radio ads, television commercials, etc for the “get motivated business seminar”. the line up of speakers differs depending on the city, but they brag such speakers as former NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Secretary of State General Colin Powell, Former First Lady Barbara Bush, Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, Former World Heavyweight Champion George Foreman, NFL Superstars Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, Ladainian Tomlinson and coach Tony Dungy, Presidents Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Entertainers Bill Cosby, Jerry Lewis, Goldie Hawn, Motivational Expert Zig Ziglar, Legendary Microsoft President Rick Belluzzo, Gold Medal Olympian Mary Lou Retton, Barbara Walters, and Larry King…

and last but NOT least, my very favorite “politician”, former governor of alaska, SARAH PALIN! (the crowd roars!!)

at work, we have been throwing around the idea that we need to do more “team building” and off site projects. my director of sales thought that this seminar would be a good idea (and i don’t blame him). i mean, you can take your WHOLE office for only $19 bucks! i knew that the line up was of the conservative nature, but hell, who doesn’t want to get out of the office for a day, right?

anyway, i walked over there with my fellow co-worker/friend, Kim and we had to pretty much hike a mile up into the nosebleed section to find seats. it was absolutely packed. we got there while colin powell was speaking–and it was ok. he isn’t my favorite, but i didn’t go with in a bad attitude or anything. he talked a lot about how america is the GREATEST NATION ON THE PLANET and how amazing americans are and blah blah. then john walsh spoke. now, i find his story compelling and sad. you gotta have sympathy for anyone who has lost a child and he has done a lot to mess with the bad guys. i like that about him. however, he really started plugging orrin hatch, which was weird. i mean, he OVER did it. and then i started to get the feeling that we were at a political rally of some kind. a political rally that i did not want to have anything to do with.

the next speaker was some guy who talked about investing. and then things started really going down hill. not only did he start talking about GOD and MONEY, but he started doing a sales pitch that was quite irritating in order to sell the investing software that he had created.

wait a second…weren’t we at a seminar about how to become motivated in our businesses? did we really need to hear a sales pitch about how to invest in the stock market? did we really need to hear a metaphor about how god wants us to be happy and to be happy means we have money? ugggggg.

at the end of his speech, there were tables set up all over the energy solutions arena with people waiting for you to sign up for the workshops that are happening this month and next to learn about his website….for the low price of $99–down from THREE GRAND, if you can believe it. wasn’t that nice of him??? PEOPLE RUSHED to the isles to sign up for this crap. writing down credit card numbers, pushing people out of the way. it was ridiculous. after a 20 minute break…things got even better.

this crazy lady, tamara lowe, a professional motivational speaker, got up to speak. off went the fireworks and the crazy music as she made her way to the stage. i had no idea what to expect. now, let me say that the first half of her speech had some good things, especially for the crowd of people that they they “sold” this seminar too–um, corporate business people. but i guess also religious conservatives–or so they thought–since we are in utah.

after talking about how to motivate your team, she then moved on to a whole different realm of completely inappropriate topics for a business seminar. she was a drug addict and dealer. ok, sure, i guess that some people find god and that helps them get through an addiction. i can totally appreciate that. but really–do you have to RAP about jesus? yes, that is right…she rapped. about jesus. about the lord. at a business seminar.


i don’t think that jesus wants to hear a rap about himself. just a thought.

and isn’t it YOUR lucky day. because this shiz is on YOUTUBE:

how much do you think she spent on those bedazzled jeans??? 😉 in fact, i wonder, after slamming everyone with money or who has fame–how much she gets off on the fact that she can get up there with her $500 jeans and her huge bling bling diamond bracelet and PREACH about how money isn’t the answer. all this woman is after is fame and money. i promise you that.

also, on top of the jesus rap, the conservative outlandish statements…she also got on the “america is the best place in the world” bandwagon. in fact, she even called the french “boneheads”. BONEHEADS!!! who does that? it is this mentality, that we can do no wrong in america, that we are saved and blessed and perfect, that all of our decisions are correct and founded on god, that we have all the answers….it is THIS MENTALITY that gets us in trouble. it is this mentality that makes other nations hate us. HATE us. and you know what? when i hear this crap, i hate us too. i HATE that this is the representation of america that people see and that i get lumped into. money and jesus. jesus and money. and elitism that is so palpable it suffocates me. it makes me ill.

ok ok. let me say this. if you love jesus, i am so happy you do. if you are religious, i am so happy you are. but this was wayyyy beyond cheesy and wayyyy beyond inappropriate. after her jesus rap, she talked about how if you really want to be successful then you need to find jesus. how could this not be offensive to some people in the crowd? what about atheists or buddhists? um, they are doing business in the “GREAT COUNTRY” everyday–and you know what? they have their own spirituality that works just fine for them. this was a bait and switch of the WORST kind. THEN, on top of all of that–she pushed her products like you wouldn’t believe. her book, her seminars, everything. it was disgusting. american flags in the background, jesus on her side, and the conservative agenda spewing from her mouth. yes, she SOLD a lot of shit. no wonder it is only $19 to take your whole office. they make a killing on selling their propaganda.

people…WHY DO YOU BUY INTO THIS?????? do you not see what this is? this is not god. this is not democracy. this is a ploy to get you to spend money. get it together!

this is not jesus talking to you.

but it sure looks that way, doesn’t it???


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  1. that rap was OUT. OF. CONTROL. funny how she talked about "not buying into what they're trying to sell you cause all it does is fill your head with crap until youre dead". i say the SAME THING about everything that stupid seminar was about. PATRIOTISTM DOEST NOT EQUAL CHRISTIANITY OR CAPITALISM!!! NONE of those things are equal! FUNNY how she talks about pdiddy's bling" with that bullshit bracelet on that blinded me through the whole damn thing…this infuriates me beyond belief.

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