school has swallowed me whole

i. am. so. exhausted.

i feel like i am always saying that i want life to calm down…but then i do everything i can to make sure it doesn’t. i jam pack my weekends full of wonderful things, but i never get any real “chelsea time” anymore. i hate this. summer school has proven to be all consuming. papers, presentations, handouts, notes, class on nights when the weather is amazing, and such. i finished one of my classes this week and start a new one on wednesday.

it is never ending.

august will be here soon. hell, it is almost july (how on earth did THAT happen?). and then i will have a month off of school and i will get on a plane and go far away to alaska to hang with my sister. this is something i am looking forward to with more anticipation that i can accurately describe. alaksa. it was never really on my radar. i would never be going there if it wasn’t for my sister and missing her so much. but, i am really looking forward to the opportunity and i can’t wait to fish, hike glaciers, and hang out in helicopters. it will be an adventure of epic proportions. and i could use some inspiration.

i am finding my job more and more lacking of good things. things around the office seem tense and hard lately. i don’t know exactly why, but everyone seems to be a little pissed off about their jobs and it is wearing everyone out. you can only have a positive attitude for so long when everyone is bummed. i feel a little bummed myself.

i have also started a new project that i am really excited about. it is time to do and be more creative–and that means in my professional life. it is obvious that an amazing creative job isn’t going to fall in my lap, so i need to make some things happen on my own. my dream job is and has been for a long time, to write for a food and wine magazine. freelancing is difficult and i want a permanent gig. however, one doesn’t get to a permanent gig without some notches in their belt. so, i am working on my own food/wine/cooking website and i have started doing my own reviews of restaurants, as well as writing about what i cook at home. things are coming together very nicely so far and i expect to do an official launch of the web site in July when i have more content and such. i am going to market the hell out of myself and hopefully this will get my foot in the door with some publications in the future. i am really excited and it is one of the most fun projects i have come up with in a long time. therefore, i haven’t been here much because i have been writing about food and wine somewhere else. somewhere you will all get to see soon. and for those of you who have helped me so far, given me feedback, gone with me to review restaurants, and eaten the food i have cooked–a sincere thank you. i hope that many of my readers will go with me on this journey. i think it is an important one and i hope it changes some things in my life.

looking forward to the arts festival this weekend and some time to myself. also, my grandparents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary tonight.

50 years is a damn long time. i can’t even fathom it. how on earth does that even happen? haha. good for them. i hope to be in their shoes someday.

until next time.


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