Looking for Calm


Wait….one more time…W H E W!

I feel as though i have been knocked out and brought back from the dead like 9 times in the past month or so. lots of things are going on…lots of good and some not so good.

school. it is nearly over for the summer and i have never been so ready for a semester to end in my entire life. this semester has been hectic, as i have mentioned many times in my last few posts. BUT, the end is in sight. i gave my final presentation last night on feminism and gender neutrality in the workplace, and i think it went pretty well. i am just glad it is over with more than anything. next week, i get to sit back and listen to the other half of the class present and then, that is that! i have my writing for government and pr class to finish up as well, but that shouldn’t be too bad. overall, the classes this summer have been great–just way more work than anticipated. AND, let us not forget that i only took 4 credits as opposed to my regular 7–so why was this so crazy?

oh yeah, cause the sun is out and my social life wants to be first in line.

some fun things have been going on. i have been able to maintain lots of great hang out sessions–but i have put dating on the backburner a little bit. mostly because it is stupid and i hate it–but also beacuse the free nights that i DO have, i want to spend with people i already love…not those i am interviewing to see if i want to love them. 😉 wink wink. i have been spending some time with a new crew of girls that are great. i thought i had met all the wonderful ladies in the SLC, but i was wrong, and happy to be. lots of shows, and hang outs, and bars, and parks. and on top of that, i just got back from a fun trip to las vegas to see my good friend, amanda, get hitched by elvis. so, all in all, the summer has been jam packed with good times.

some other bummers:

my car got broken into and i am ipod-less. they may as well of taken an arm or leg. no ipod means sad sad chelsea.

i don’t think that moving after christmas is going to be an option. i got accepted into the “master track” program for my masters degree (not so much of a bummer), but that will keep me here through spring.

my job has been miserable straight for nearly 3 months. and it isn’t getting better.

no time for tattoo sessions.

no more money for shows.

dudes. all dudes.

some other good things:

master track!

some good shows so far this summer: MGMT, Kings of Leon, Anthony Bourdain (more of a spoken word thing), Ani Difranco, etc.

lots of new and great friends.

hanging with amazing old friends.

nosh maven getting great reviews, twitter follwers, and facebook friends. 🙂

grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary.

hiking with my sister in logan.

AND IN TWO WEEKS>>>>>>>> ALASKA!!! <<<<<<<<<< YAY!

That is right, i have a vaction light at the end of my dark school/work tunnel.

I think that my schedule may open up here pretty soon too, which means more time to do stuff like write here…and everywhere else. i have missed writing and reading things that are mine only and have nothing to do with school or work. i am anxious to take back my time and energy and apply it to things that are important to my soul. don’t get me wrong, school is good for my soul…just not in the summer.

the calm will come. i am willing it so. and, i may hibernate for a little while, so don’t be offended if i don’t leave my house for a week or so. i need some serious sleep. ❤


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