is it just me or….

does it bother anyone else that the fountains in the gateway mall have turned into a public swimming pool or homeless person bath facilities?

i mean really?

do women need to shop so badly that instead of taking their kiddos to a REAL pool, they have to take them to the outdoor mall instead? i just simply don’t understand. i mean, if this is why the fountain was built, i guess i could understand…but the first few years that the gateway was open, this business of children running naked through the cobbled streets of the gateway did not occur.

am i an ass hole for saying such things? why does this bother me so much?

is it because these parents don’t want to don a swim suit? is it because build-a-bear and water go hand in hand? every time i walk by this madness, i shake my head and wonder…there are no diving boards, no water toys, to floating around in a blissful relaxed state–just simply loud ass kids running around screaming while their parents stand to the side going over their reciepts.

oh well. madness.


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