proud of california

i am very happy that this week judge walker overturned the prop 8 vote. glorious glorious equal rights!

as the facebook posts have been exploding over the past several days, i have refrained from putting in my two cents or making too big a deal about things–mostly because it doesn’t seem worth it sometimes because people don’t listen. however, after a thread on a friends page ended up getting me a little pensive, i decided i couldn’t really stay quiet anymore. i ended up feeling like my post was exactly what i wanted to say on the subject, so i wanted to keep it around. here it is.

“the following statement is one that makes me sad and the fact that people think this is an accurate statement obviously have never loved or cared about someone who is homosexual:

“Rachel I don’t think your argument is very valid because contrary to popular belief being gay or lesbian is a choice. The color of your hair is not.”

rachel’s comment about having red hair is not a reach at all. it is 100% accurate.


sure, i guess gay people could choose to not act on being gay–but what is a life lacking of love and commitment…and who is anyone to take the most important part of life (LOVE!!) away from anyone? and furthermore, why fill your heart and mind with hate and discrimination? everyone deserves the right to love–and to bond that love in a legal way like everyone else.

also, this business about our country being a christian country is so overdone. do you know how many different cultures live here? why is your god so much more important than theirs? the point was religious freedom…which people tend to forget so quickly. religious freedom means that we don’t all have to believe the same thing. and thinking that being gay is wrong because god says so is only one opinion in this country. and thank god for that. a government must represent the people as a collective whole…regardless of faith, sex, race, color, creed, culture, sexual orientation, OR what color their hair is.

nobody has the right to tell someone they can’t get married. and yes, 7 million people voted. and they voted for discrimination–which is unconstitutional. it sickens me and makes me so sad that so many people in our human family are filled with such fear and hate. whatever your stereotype of gay people might be (and it really sounds like a few people in this thread have one), they are just as capable of loving, committing, parenting, and contributing to this society as you are. and for people (and especially our government) to say that they aren’t is a prejudice, sad, and inhuman way to think about our collective connection as people who should accept and appreciate each other for our differences.

your god and your beliefs do not make you better than anyone else. and your faith should not entitle you to rights that other people do not have. i do not understand how this concept is so difficult for people to grasp. we all deserve the right to happiness. acceptance and support is what we should be focusing on for a group of people who have been discriminated against for far too long and endured far too many acts of hate. it is about time we started to love them.”

anyway, there is it.


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