cripsy air and happy days

well, there is that crisp feeling in the air this week. school started back up. summer events are over at work. last pool club party of the season has been had. fall is certainly just around the corner.

how did that happen?

it is time to get back on track. and to be honest, i am more than happy to do so. it always feels good to get back to school fall semester. everything is really sort of bustling and crazy and i like that for a few weeks (at least). i am actually not really looking forward to being done with school and not having those evenings in class with great people and intelligent discussion about various topics. i will really miss that. it makes me want to move right into a phd program just to keep that on my plate. still considering applying to some schools at the end of the semester to have something set up for fall 2011. i still feel like i am in the ‘waiting’ pattern. the goal is to walk with my class in spring of 2011, finish my field project (thesis) by the end of summer…and along with that comes the diploma. that gives me basically december – august to write my book and self publish (at least). eeek! i don’t know if i would want to jump into a phd program right after that; it would also probably mean moving across the country to one of the schools that looks appealing.

i should probably give myself a break.

i don’t really need to have it all figured out right now. i would like to sit back, be mellow, and enjoy the process. i don’t do that very often.

in other news, my boss just quit at work, so i am a little weary of where we go from here. getting a new boss doesn’t really excite me. i am skeptical, at best.

also, my trip to alaska was AMAZING! one of the best trips i have ever taken. my sister showed me some breathtaking sights and i met some awesome people. i got to see things that i know a lot of people will never see in their lifetime, and for that i am grateful. i mean, how many people can say that they took a helicopter to a glacier? yup, i can. awesome.

life is good. i have been cooking a lot, enjoying my friends and my dogs, organizing for school, and feeling really great about everything going on.

no complaints. wow. really, i don’t have any. still thinking…..

nope! i am a happy girl.


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