a few things to believe in

a friend of mine on facebook wrote about the things that she believed in. i thought it was beautiful and inspiring, even knowing my list would be so different. she inspired to me kick one out myself. it felt good.

thanks, linds!

I believe in love even after losing it more times than I care to admit.

I believe in the goodness of people, even when they treat me badly.

I believe that a positive attitude can change your life, because it changed mine.

I believe that thoughts and ideas are more powerful than any physical attribute.

I believe that words define our reality.

I believe that real connections made with people never leave but just change. Those who have been important to me once will always remain important to me regardless of what kind of relationship we currently have.

I believe that hate is a toxic thing to have in your life. I believe in the value of accepting the strange, the odd, and the other. I believe that any person who feels hatred for others really just hates themselves.

I believe that being gay is not a choice and everyone needs to quit being intolerant.

I believe that religion is man made (yes, MAN made) and that spirituality comes from within. I believe that if more people looked inside themselves for answers, rather than to religious ideals and metaphors they would understand themselves and the world better. I believe that religion also makes people happy and gives them direction. I just wish people would give themselves more credit for the lives they have created and the “blessings” they enjoy. We project from within, and I claim good things in my life to the goodness within myself. My spirituality is based on human connectedness and the beauty in life, not in answers and rituals. I do not believe that there is one answer for every person. I believe we all have to find our own answer. If a person’s answer has made them happy, than that is true for them—even if that is religion. Knowing the difference between religion and spiritual substance, I believe, is key.

I believe that everyone should live alone at least once in their life. Living by myself has been one of the most wonderful experiences and I feel lucky to have had this time to get to know myself.

I believe that good food and good company create a happier life. I believe cooking can be as good as meditation.

I believe that creation, of any kind, is the heart of humanity. I believe that throughout all of human existence, art has been the true projection of culture and life.

I believe that the winter kills my soul and in summer it is reborn.

I believe in giving everyone a second chance—once. I believe that once you allow more than that, you become the fool. I believe I have been a fool many many times.

I believe that love does not conquer all.

I believe in solitude, in being alone, in being present in one’s own skin. If one does not have enough solitude, one can not give to others. Knowing your own soul is one of the most difficult things to uncover and you can not do that if you constantly surround yourself with people. Solitude and quiet are the buffers of life.

I believe my parents are two of the best people in the world, despite our difference of opinion on nearly everything political, spiritual, and personal. I love their minds and that they appreciate that I am a thoughtful person regardless of the divergence of our thoughts. I believe that supporting your children even when your children don’t make the choices that you would have hoped for makes you a better parent. I don’t feel tolerated; I feel more loved than if I had chosen the path they laid out for me as a child. I believe that despite everything, they love me for exactly the person I am and I feel lucky. I believe that parents who haven’t learned this concept need to get a clue. I also believe that parents who are intolerant of their children because of their differences have missed the definition and meaning of love.

I believe in being different.

I believe in partnership much more than I believe in the institution of marriage. I believe that finding a true partner in life rarely happens. I believe it will happen for me, however.

I believe in girlfriends.

I believe in the power of a blank page.

I believe that those whom I love know it and that makes me feel like my relationships are in order.

I believe that possibility is palpable.

I believe that adjectives make the world more colorful.

I believe that an education is one of the most important things a person can gain in this lifetime. And no, I don’t believe that has to be in a classroom. I do, however, believe that is the best education I personally could have gotten. I believe my education has made me a better person more so than most anything else in my life.

I believe in books.

I believe in kissing in public.

I believe in rocking the boat, always.

I believe in standing up for your beliefs and at the same time, never being mean.

I believe that this country is much too divided and that breeds hatred. I believe that red and blue need to make purple more often. I believe that too many people in politics are liars and I believe that too many people in this country do not educate themselves. I believe that leaving “god” out of politics is absolutely vital to creating more purple. And I believe that religion and politics do NOT go hand in hand. Politics are for the people, all people, even those that don’t believe in God…or your definition thereof.

I believe that sometimes, shopping helps a broken heart.

I believe that crying in front of someone connects those people forever.

I believe that loyalty is something that is important to be to another person, but not as important as being loyal to yourself.

I believe in poetry.

I believe in feeling things with your whole heart and not building up walls. I believe this is one of the most difficult things we can do as humans. I believe I have built up a lot of walls that need tearing down.

I believe that dying will be a spiritual experience for a few moments, and then will be over.

I believe that planning the future rarely works out.

I believe in a woman’s right to chose. I believe in gender neutral language. I believe in feminism. I believe that if everyone understood the real definition of feminism, most would consider themselves feminists. And those that wouldn’t need really ask themselves why not. I do not believe in gender roles. I believe in human roles.

I believe that staring in someone’s eyes for long enough will transcend you both into an understanding that is critical to love.

I believe that the love of a dog in your life is one of the best things in the world. I believe that people who don’t like dogs have issues with intimacy. Sorry.

I believe in Barak Obama.

I believe that the bond between sisters can not be matched.

I believe a glass of wine can sometimes make everything ok.

I believe that the next time I fall in love I will be more terrified than ever before, but that won’t keep me from falling.

I believe in lipgloss.

I believe in the power of family. But I don’t not believe that blood is thicker than water. I believe that family relationships require the same attention as other relationships. They require connecting points and acceptance. I do believe that a family that can laugh together can surpass most differences, and I believe that is how my family stays connected. I believe my family is hysterical.

I believe that the definition of “traditional family” hurts our community. A family can be defined a million different ways and should be defined a million different ways. All of these families are the cornerstone of society, not just those who have all components deemed necessary by conservative society and religion.

I believe in working to live, not living to work. I believe that money should never be first priority and I believe that if you don’t like your work you should make a different choice. I believe it is time to make a different choice…

I believe in working hard. I believe in keeping oneself motivated.

I believe tattoos are art that I am privileged to take with me throughout this lifetime.

I believe pain can be transcending.

I believe, so much, that you catch more flies with honey. Being nice, in all circumstances, makes difficult things, people, and situations better.

I believe that human touch is pivotal to my personal well-being. I believe that the electricity between two fingertips could start a fire and I believe that if there aren’t shock waves when you are touched, then find someone who electrifies you.

I believe that if I have daughters I will raise them to be strong and to love themselves more than anyone else. I believe if I have sons, it might be a guessing game…I believe if I never have children, I will still feel whole. That last point means more to me than the previous two.

I believe that butterflies can last forever.

I believe that I will always be a friend to myself first.

I believe in making yourself laugh.


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