all is full of love

tonight i started packing.

as the pictures started coming off the walls and the space became more and more bare, all of a sudden, i had a huge overwhelming sense of freedom from all of the negativity that was in my life in the past 4 years.

tonight i also took my last final of graduate school.

as i was driving home, i couldn’t stop smiling–even though it didn’t really hit me then, and hasn’t yet, that a major life goal of mine is nearly accomplished.

everything is changing. i feel amazing.

when i moved into this house, my life was very literally in shambles. everything had come unraveled–yet, i still held myself, for the most part, together. i was able to pull straight A’s in grad school, make a shit ton of new amazing friends, go through relationships that were horrendous and wonderful all at the same time.

the experiences i have had since i have been in this house (divorce final, home foreclosure, giving my heart away and taking it back (more than once), paying off debt, etc) have been the building blocks to putting my heart and life back together.

and finally, FINALLY, i feel intact. all grudges gone. all pieces of my broken heart near mended. all people in my life positive. all smiles. all abundant.

at the end of the month i will move into a new home. i will write a book. i will walk with my masters degree with my graduating class. and i WILL find the love of my life. i will smile in a way that i didn’t for so long.

like the way i am smiling at this very moment.


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