and so far….

2011 is right on track.

my new house pretty much rules the planet as far as houses go. i couldn’t have asked the universe to send me a better place. the size, the design, the light, everything is awesome. i feel really happy there. the dogs are running around like crazy and love the yard and are now very grateful that i have put down rugs…because the hardwood floors were sort of hard for them to navigate. it was pretty funny there for a few weeks.

no classes this semester also makes for a happy chelsea. i have had time to finally sit down and start on my book. i am about half way through chapter two, which makes me feel much better and making progress. i still have a lot of anxiety about it, but all in all, i know it is doable and i am excited. tonight is a writing night–and i am not complaining.

i also got a promotion at work. i was a bit reluctant, but in the end, i decided to take it since i don’t think my dream job of being a food and wine writer is going to pan out and make me millions of dollars soon. although, i am still hopeful. 🙂 work has been sooooo busy, i haven’t even really had time to think much about any kind of job change anyway. ultimately, i think i may stay in this industry and just see if i can maneuver my way into some kind of corporate/writing/traveling sensation. i am not sure i want to throw away 8 years of event planning to TRY to be an editor or something. i could hate it. so, there is that. work is good, for now. (it has been a long time since i have been able to say that).

there was some initial BS on the dude front so far this year–maybe one last laugh for the universe before sending something better my way. this week has been awesome in the dating department. awesome. i am a smitten kitten, and that is all i am going to say.

also, pretty much carb and sugar free for over two weeks now. feeling good. feeling good.

the sun is out today, and i am pining for spring like i can’t explain. i can’t wait to plant a garden this year and hang out in my huge yard and drink coffee and other adult beverages on my porch swing.

i love life.

now i will listen to pinback and think of driving with my windows down n shiz.


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