things on my brain

today is one of those days where there is only one thing i want to listen to. rem. lots and lots of rem.

michael stipe still makes my little heart skip beats. yes, i know he is gay. no, i don’t care.

speaking of hearts. it is almost the big V day. (v as in valentines–yes my brain went there too….). feeling lovey dovey. it has been hard to wipe the smile off my face for the past three weeks. i think this one is going to be a good one. plus, i just get super lovey for my family and friends and awesome dogs. i know that a lot of people think valentines day is a crappy capitalistic holiday created by the greeting card companies to make money…but i say there is nothing wrong with having a day to appreciate the people in your life who you love. and i have a lot of them. i would rather have a BIG heart than a pessimistic one. bring on the heart candy and cheesy cards! plus, i always get flowers from my dad–which i always look forward to. so happy for the good men in my life!


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