so, today i was talking to my mom on the phone about how crappy the weather has been the past few weeks…and i loudly stated “it is april 26th for heaven’s sake!!”…then i sort of stopped and realized it was april 26th…holy crap, it would have been my 9th wedding anniversary today. then, i stopped again and realized…THANK GOD it isn’t. and additionally, how effing weird. 😉

i am so infinitely happy about where i am in life, the hard work it took to get here, the picking myself up from the very bottom of the floor, carrying on, and getting happy, on my own terms–FINALLY. took a while–but hell, it should. my life right now, at this moment, is near perfection. i had a migraine last night, so not quite perfect..haha, but hard work pays off. it takes a lot of guts to eliminate people from your life who drain you dry, but i did it–and now all i seem to feel is full. i feel more prepared for life than i ever have and prepared is something i am not used to feeling. i don’t feel like i am at an intersection any more–i feel like i have built a road for myself and now all i have to do is put one foot in front of the other. and i couldn’t ask for better people to be walking with.

mental note to self: remember what it feels like to feel so intact.

and here are some fancy robots, because as they say, ‘all is full of love.’


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