i need a project

well, really, i don’t. i have enough on my plate for the next month. but, i feel like getting my hands dirty and want some sort of artsy creation to undertake.

i was thinking something like this would be super fun…pseudo wine bottles attached to some kind of twinkle lights…this would be rad above my kitchen table.

or maybe some lighting made from plastic utensils? i would at least get to play with fire…

but i sort of love this melted GI Joe bowl. no really, i love it.

also, i think this is kind of brilliant. why choose ONE color for your walls when you can certainly have them all? i like this way of thinking. and it looks sort of amazing.

and as overplayed as angel wings are, i think these lamps are killer. would have to think about how to construct this one for a while though.

and finally–i WILL be doing something along these lines. i got about 75 really old mini Polaroid photos from an estate sale that i need to do something with. i like the boards behind these, but i also like the idea of hanging them from twine around the walls of my office. so, we shall see. good inspiration though.

as soon as my book is done, it is going to be projects galore.


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  1. the gi joe bowl is SUPER easy.. just take the lid of a wok (one you dont want to use again as it will have plastic bits forever on it) put foil down on the oven racks, warm the wok lid for a minute or 2 at 400. take out the lid (duh its hot) and add army men in a single layer on the bottom. Put back in oven for 2 min, remove, use a metal butter knife to "spread" the plastic in a thin way up the sides of the wok (as high as you want the sides to be) add more men to the middle, melt 1.5 minutes, repeat process for as high or thick as you want the bowl to be, the plastic will keep melting and start to drip back into the center of the bowl so once youre to the point that you are done, add another handful of men and just flash warm the wok (like less than a minute) those last soldiers will stay in tack AND be glued to the center of the bowl.take out the wok, put an old towel on the counter and some bricks (or soemthing you can ruin and is high enough to set the wok off the counter. Set the wok aside for just a few minutes to settle, then invert the wok onto the bricks or whatever (even an old metal bowl or something will work) let the mold cool out of the wok lid for an hour, and it will be set up!!call me and i can 'wok' you through it!! hehe i know, lame. also call me and i can work you through the bottle light fixtures…c'mon get crafty!

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