deep dark black

today i am obsessed with black walls. black tile. black bathtubs. i want an entirely black bathroom, period. that is all.

and a few other things that caught my eye today, just for fun.

i keep moving between really old, artsy, fading, rusting, lovely things–to other things more uber modern, sleek, sassy with clean lines. i am not sure these two looks can really be combined…and i think that the whole “antique chic” thing doesn’t usually work. oh well. someday, i supposed i will need two houses.

also, i would like for the rain to stop because it is depressing me and all i want to do is sleep these days. i hate feeling like that. my heat is still on, and i am still wearing boots. today is may 19th–so eff that.

in other news, yesterday marks month (4) of being with the most wonderful man i may have ever met. so, all in all, even if it is raining, i will still be smiling. that happy always sits present in my heart.

hopefully, june will bring more sunshine. then maybe the black bathroom won’t seem so glamorous.


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  1. antique items DO work well with minimalist monochromatic decor. actually thats the ONLY thing they work with. when we live in the same state, im come do your house..and it is researched that black bathrooms/appliances are the germiest surfaces, do to the fact that users don't "see" the grime and in turn clean less or not as thoroughly. when you come to my parents house i'll show you the "black" room. we use to have wall to wall black carpet in our mom is very avant garde

  2. Yeah, i mean i really think that modern and antique CAN go to gether–but what catches my eye on one side just doesn't always go with the other. would love to see the black room! ❤

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