count down to vacation central

5 days. only 5 days!

looking forward to some of the cool places we are staying. hopefully, they will all be as good as they appear online.


The Cedar Glen Lodge looks pretty awesome. You can walk to the sandy beach and we have a lake view, which should be pretty dope. they have a lot of different style cabins–but we are staying in the large cabin in a studio room–apparently it has a deck with a great view. we shall see! tahoe just got more snow, so i am hoping for some sunshine, a nice hike, and some beach time.


in frisco we are staying at the Grant Plaza Hotel, which is super close to Chinatown. i think that russ is most excited for that, so being in walking distance is good. i like sanfran, but i have been there a few times–russ hasn’t. so i am pretty much letting him determine this portion of the trip. 🙂 all i want to do is ride a trolly car, cause i have never done that. the hotel looks antique and quaint, so that should be lovely.


Vintage Towers looks sooooo beautiful. Can’t wait for this one. This will more than likely be the highlight of the trip. we will be staying in the ‘vintage tower suite’…how roooomantic.

as you can imagine, concentrating on work is proving difficult. lots to do to make sure things are set for a week off. i am so burned out and can’t wait to not step foot in my hotel for 7 days.

now i just have to decide one thing: to stay plugged in or unplug for vacation. normally i would check in, post photos, and keep everyone on the up and up. however, a good internet break would be nice. russ doesn’t think i can do it. he might be right–but i think i should give it a good go. chelsea unplugged. it has a nice ring.


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