july is slipping away and life is perfect…

my book is done (pending fixing 3 typos) and looks pretty damn great. i am still getting used the idea that i don’t need to spend 3 – 4 days/evenings a week writing or editing. it feels nice for now, but i know it is only a matter of time before that ache starts to rise up in my chest and the writing will continue. i am, at the very least, happy that it probably won’t involve death or funerals for a while. however, i have an inclination that someday i will end up back there.

summer is shaping up to be lovely all around. things are feeling more mellow, which i really enjoy and so much time has been spent with all these amazing people that surround me. i couldn’t ask for better friends and family to spend my time with. it is kind of ridiculous. summer is definitely my time of year–i flourish–i feel incredible and happy. like…for the first time in a LONG time…i am so intensely stoked on life that i sort of feel like exploding all the time. in a good way–like a goddamn firework. but not the katy perry kind–just saying. 😉

additionally, some of the best news i could deliver to you is that this degree of mine is already proving to be the best thing i could have done. i am finally exiting the hotel/event planning business and entering into a world where my actual title matches the very thing i went to school for. more on that later–pending the final details.

school and book done. new career on the frontier. but best of all, cleaning out closets to move that wonderful man of mine into my house. this is definitely a new chapter which i am happy to finally be writing. all this other stuff…school, book, job, etc is wonderful and makes me so happy–but really, the boy takes first place. i don’t even care if i am a cheeseball about it. being a cheeseball isn’t the worst thing ever, right? i love that man.

and here are some pretty things.


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