considering happiness

i have been swept up in a tunnel of lovely for the past month, and am blissfully exhausted for the most part.  although, some of that exhaustion is sheer sleepiness.

when i finished grad school, i made a little promise to myself that ‘free’ time would be filled with writing and reading things that only i dictated.  poetry.  lazy books.  short narratives.  prose poems.  that kind of thing.  so far, the free time has been filled to the brim with other amazing things–albeit all things that have worn me out like a pair of old jeans.  your favorite pair.

i am rewritting things in my head and in my literal life every moment.

some things to note:

the new job, so far, is going swimmingly.  i am actually doing quite a bit of writing, which may be contributing to the decrease in writing in other places with more of a knack for loitering and lounging, such as here or there or even posting any restaurant reviews on nosh (i have been sitting on the high west distillery review now for weeks).  i have managed to write a few poems, but i contribute that only to the fact that i traveled this month and a plane ride nearly always produces a poem or two.  i have actually started quite the collection of travel poems, all of which harbor the title ‘how to get to….fillintheblank (los angeles, milwaukee, st louis, philadelphia, etc).’ that might make an interesting chap book someday, so i am keeping up with those.

speaking of traveling, i flew like a bird to the midwest a few weeks ago to take a peek at the hometown and surrounding areas of my lovah man.  this was a very good thing–even though the trip was a virtual whirlwind. there is something to be said about the things you can’t know about someone until you see the things that made them.  and while i wouldn’t say i have him completely figured out (and that is a good thing…) i do have a clearer picture of who he is…and i could say a million things about that which would set off your gag reflex.

also, milwaukee is pretty fantastic.  chicago was meh.  architecturally astounding, and beautiful from a distance–but being in the middle of it was a little anxious and quite overwhelming–and not in the best of ways.

and also, the labor of love which is moving is complete.  co-habitation and living in sin have commenced.  praise baby jesus.  the going back and forth, sleeping in two beds, and generally forgetting that i have two dogs on occasion are over. hooray!

so.  a lot of changes.  all of the best kind ever in the world. i am really looking forward to this new life–one in which i am doing nearly everything i had set out to do and on top of it, doing it with one of the most amazing people who supports me every step of the way.

next on the list: more poems.  going to submit to the sugar house review here pretty soon.  looking forward to finding my place again in the slc writing community.  if there is one still….

here is to hoping!



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