slow down. slow down. slow down.

this is my new mantra.  and for someone who has had the opposite mantra her whole life, this will be difficult to change.  in fact, i believe that i have been saying i will slow down now for a few years.  i haven’t.

the house is feeling settled again.  the boxes are mostly all unpacked and nearly everything has found a place.  there are a few stragglers of course, but eventually they will find theirs too. we have enough dishware, stemware, tea, and vitamins to last us through a nuclear fall out.

i finished an actual book that had nothing to do with death or school or web design. this is a good sign.

and, there is nothing on the calendar that is screaming at me until a colorado thanksgiving trip (besides a work conference in baltimore, but i am trying not to count that). maybe i can actually read another book.

so, let’s go over some inspiring things in my life. 🙂

first, that book i said i read?  yeah, it was pretty amazing.  if you want to read a huge long poem about a woman who gives her baby up for adoption, spirals into alcohol addiction, learns her baby dies of cancer, and then somehow crawls her way out–this is your book.  the language is so beautiful, raw, metaphorical, and brilliant.  takes a few pages to get into her style, but once you do, it is like a wave of imagery.

a few selections from my music world that are nailing it for me lately:

Vib Gyor

Julia Stone

Julia Stone just released a solo album, but you may know her from the bro/sis duet Angus & Julia Stone, who i am mildly obsessed with.  her album, Memory Machine, is a perfect fall album and i can’t stop listening to it.
also, in general, spotify is making my life amazingly better–if not truely inspired.  if you do not have it yet–get it.  you will find you never use your itunes to listen to music anymore–and you can listen to anything you want…you just search for it, and THERE IT IS.  it is like a magic thing–one that brings a smile to my face daily. 🙂  if you need an invite, let me know.
AND, soup.  yes, soup is insiring me. fall will do that, i suppose.  time to make chili and veggie and creamy soups for months.  i had the most amazing tom ga kai soup at Thai Siam last week–and i am still dreaming about it.  the lime in this soup makes it a little extra special.
well, so there are a few fall inspirations. now i just need some new boots. 🙂

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