orange, yellow, red, mountain coasters, $3 margaritas, and nachos: an autumn afternoon in salt lake city

my boyfriend and i were joking yesterday, as we were playing in the canyon, that scentsy really needs to come up with a scent something like ‘autumn in the mountains of utah.”  it would pretty much be one of the best, top-selling, most-amazing, scents in the world.
being able to leave the city and be in the mountains in a matter of 20 minutes is one of the best parts about living in salt lake.  as a utah native, sometimes it is easy for the sublime scenery that has surrounded me my entire life to go unnoticed.  one of the things i love most about my boyfriend is that he reminds me, nearly every day, of the amazing epic beauty at our fingertips.  everyone who knows me gets that i have always been a city girl to my core–but i am finding a new appreciation for open space more and more as i get older.  the city is great, but getting away, even if only for an afternoon, allows me to get back to my center somehow.  i am finding i like nature much more than i used to–as long as i am not climbing any crazy mountains or standing on any staggering cliffs. 🙂  a girl has her boundaries.

yesterday, for virtually no reason, i woke up in a terrible mood.  ‘wrong side of the bed’ is an understatement.  russ suggested getting up into the canyon to check out the fall leaves, and while the thought appealed to me, i wasn’t jumping out of my seat.  i am glad he gets me to get the hell off my butt sometimes to SEE what is around me everyday.  the drive was beautiful.  the weather was perfect.  and we even stopped in park city to ride the apline coaster, which knocked my socks off.  for some reason, speed trumps my fear of heights and i was giggles all the way down.  margaritas and nachos wrapped up our canyon adventure and the day was blissful.

if you have these gorgeous mountain at your fingertips, you better get up there before there are no more colors to be found by white. 🙂  my boyfriend might be waiting for that, but i sure am not.  if there is one thing that will probably never change, it is my disdain for winter.  sorry babycakes.  ❤


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