pontificating on the day of love

i am going to listen to really terrible love songs all day long.

i love valentines day.  i don’t care what anyone says about it.  i have always loved it–even as a lonely single.  what the hell is so wrong with a day to focus on LOVE–the best thing in the world?  i get that people get hung up on the commercialism of the holiday–but how is that any different than ANY other american holiday?  the reason why women love valentines day so much is because most men aren’t super great about being affectionate or verbalizing how much they might love their significant other.  russ is the first man i have ever been with that is good at that on a (near) daily basis.  but, that doesn’t still mean i don’t love a little extra attention on feb 14th.

so, to my valentine:  thank you for not needing a holiday to confess your devotion. but thank you also, for declaring it today.  thank you for being my best friend everyday.  for cooking with me, lounging with me, running errands with me, and loving my dogs.  for sitting through romantic comedies and doing the dishes.  for rubbing my shoulders and kisses on the forehead.  for yard work and housework and all the other work that goes into being with me.  and for loving me through all of it.  i pretty much won the jack pot when i met you…the LOVE jackpot.  i love you, mister muscle.

and, today’s photo is “heart.”  so, here you go.

14.  heart


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