i am totally behind

i sort of got bored with the photo challenge.  I have missed the following:

your shoes
inside my bathroom closet (i don’t have a bathroom closet)
and today–something you ate.  so here are some photos from those days that don’t necessarily have to do with the subjects given, but who cares, right?  🙂

Birthday Flowers from my amazing boyfriend.
 My new favorite wine, Root 1–Chilean Cabernet that we enjoyed at my birthday dinner at Frida Bistro.
Rainer, the cuddliest.
Birthday Wine–after 2 months, it was much enjoyed. 🙂
Lunch yesterday.  Garlic hummus, mozzarella & tomatoes, salami, feta stuffed olives, and whole wheat crackers.  YUM.

I think that should catch me about up!  Screw what they tell you to take photos of–take photos of what is best in your life that DAY! 🙂

My birthday was fantastic.  Family brunch, ice cream, and then an amazing dinner with my love.  He made my day so wonderful and I am one lucky girl.  Now that I am 32, I will follow it up with a trip to the dentist this week and the doctor the next.  Don’t want to go falling apart–the best things are still to come!


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