do you hear us?

Today is International Women’s Day.  I am having a difficult time, considering all of the BS that has been going on with women’s health, contraception, sex ed in schools, and a flagrant disregard for all the work that women have done to GIVE US some of these rights.

I feel like we are swimming backwards upstream.

Even if I wasn’t an Obama supporter (which I proudly am), I keep considering these candidates running for R office and getting sick to my stomach.  They don’t understand women; how could they?  They don’t even try or listen–and when a women speaks out, she is called horrendous names by other party members.  At the core of much of this controversy is Planned Parenthood, which I find to be an amazing resource for women, providing health care to those who are uninsured, and giving ALL women options for their health (not just their pregnancies).  People like Orrin Hath who blatantly make statements such as ‘over 95% of what PP does is abortions’, are simply ignorant...which is problematic seeing as they have a vote and a great deal of influence over large amounts of people.  Who makes statements like this without doing research?  The part that really angers me is that WOMEN listen to these men and don’t do their own research or advocacy.  It makes it really hard to keep quiet.  It makes it really hard to not SCREAM.

I don’t want the fight that women before me fought to be in vain.  Why are we STILL having to fight for the right to birth control?  99% of women use birth control at some point in their lives, including catholic and religious women. Why are we still fighting for birth control to be viewed as a health issue and not a sex issue?  A women’s sex life is no one’s business. Having access to birth control and having it covered by insurance is a good idea for all women, especially women who do not have access to insurance, which is a growing majority in this country. To ask women to abstain from sex if they can’t afford birth control is simply ridiculous. Even married religious couples want planned pregnancies–otherwise, the financial burden or health risk a baby could bring may be devastating. If it was a man’s responsibility to prevent pregnancy, you better believe they would never have to pay a dime for it.   

YOU are not PAYING US to have sex by allowing insurance to cover the cost of birth control.

That argument is futile.

Here is a news flash.  People have sex.  It is one of the most natural experiences we have as human beings.  Yes, there are risks.  Sure, promiscuity can cause men and women some emotional and/or health problems.  But we can’t make those choices for others.  And we can’t expect adults to refrain from one of the most enjoyable, spiritual, and connecting experiences life has to offer because they have to choose between their power bill or their birth control.  Married or not.  Gay or straight.  Everyone has the right to make those choices for themselves without the government (or anyone else) making judgements about their character or their value.

Women’s health–contraception, mammograms, pregnancies (planned or not), pap smears, breast exams–are not exceptions.  This is our health, not our sexuality. I am screaming….

Your religious conservative values do not represent everyone.  They do not represent women.  They do not represent equality.  They do not represent me.  We are not sexual objects sneaking birth control for prostitution and asking you to pay for our abortions.  We are women, taking care of our health, being responsible, making adult decisions…and we are the majority.  I will keep screaming until you hear me.  (min 14:00)

**these are the views of myself only and not of anyone i represent in anyway**


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