friday love

i enjoy fridays.  either i have the day off, or it ends up being a super productive day at work because the office is quiet and i can pound out a lot of work that got pushed aside during the week.  my job is cool like that–right when the burn out sets in, you get a day off, or you can be mellow for a minute.  i will say though that this upcoming vacation is much needed.  it has been about a year since russell and i were on the road for more than a few days.  the beach will be welcomed.

life is good.  really good.  salt lake is warming up, despite a little snow this morning, and downtown seems more buzzy than usual.  we are also moving offices in a few weeks, so that will be a nice change as well.  currently, our office is on the prestigious “ground level”–which means half way underground. we are moving to a nicer space…and to the THIRD floor, where we can look out and down, rather than up.

Today’s View…

tomorrow will be my second attempt at snowboarding.  i am strangely looking forward to my body being sore again for at least 4 days.  i have also become semi obsessed with going to zumba classes.  hence, weight has sort of been falling off me.  this is nice, considering i will be in a bikini in about 4 weeks.  by the end of summer, i am super confident i will be well below what my goal weight was (which I am currently at).  so, go me.  and screw you, heart defect.

easter will bring a drunken brunch with friends and a dinner (hopefully not still drunk) with family. i am looking forward to deviled eggs and ham and more bananagrams with mom and dad.  i will miss my sisters.

i still think i have the best man in the world.  i wake up every day with little butterflies in my stomach.  i can’t wait to spend a week with him basking in the humidity of the florida keys.

thought for today:  i am considering giving up this whole ‘writing in lower case letters thing.’  in a weird way i feel to old for it or something.  in my personal writing, i have always stuck to lower case–a style thing if you will.  but for some reason, i am hating it lately.  i am not i, i am I.

hum.  something to consider.


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