broken bones

the weekend was fabulous until sunday when my love broke his arm–badly–while snowboarding.  i got a call on sunday while at brunch with a friend and headed up to park city mountain resort where i found him laying down with his arm hanging above him–oddly shaped–and an ex ray above his head that wasn’t pretty.  after several attempts to set the bone in place (it broke on a 90 degree angle) with no luck, they sent us to the emergency room in salt lake where they confirmed he would need surgery.  six a.m. on sunday morning we headed TOSH (the orthopedic specialty hospital), one of the countries best hospitals for broken bones.  everything went well with the surgery, but russ now has 11 screws and a plate as long as his forearm.

there isn’t much worse than seeing someone you love in pain–and also pain that you know is going to be with him for a while as he recovers.  for as much as he snowboards, injuries are inevitable, but they are never fun…this one has been the worst in years for him and he is pretty bummed out.  he has been a good sport and actually really brave while facing such an injury and i am really proud of him. i am sure he will be back to his old self in no time.  🙂

going through something like this with someone really makes you grateful for what you have. while the injury is really bad, it always could have been worse, and i am so relieved he will be ok.  this man is my everything.

you are the love of my life, mister muscle–even with a bionic arm.


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