Help me fight the WAR ON WOMEN!

April 28th is going to be a pretty cool day for women.  All over the country women will be rallying to be heard.  We will be rallying for our rights, for our health, for our choices, and for our humanity. I don’t have to point out the amazingly atrocious words being said and bills being introduced all over the country limiting women’s choices, taking away general health care, comparing women to cattle, and other livestock, restricting the availability of contraception, labeling women sluts and prostitutes, holding congressional hearings about our rights with NO women present, and trying to put women back into the corner that those before us fought so desperately to walk away from.  I am angry. How did we end up back here?  How do women, of all faiths and walks of life, not understand the importance of being able to have access and choice in our lives?  We are not cattle and we can make choices about our bodies.  We can make choices about our health care.  We can make choices about our contraception. We get to decide.  I get to decide.  No one else.

I have never participated in a rally before. I have never picketed.  I have never held up a sign with my opinion on it for all to see.  I am open about my political beliefs, but I have never marched.

I will march now.
I personally invite everyone–women and men–to march with me.  Fight for what is right.  On April 28th, at Noon, I will be at the Utah Capitol Building standing strong for what I believe in.  I hope you will all join me.
Priority Areas of interest to defend and advance:
  • Women’s Rights and Civil Rights
  • Women’s Reproductive rights
  • Women’s Economic Equality and Workers’ Rights
  • Protecting women and children from violence & abuse
  • Voting Rights
  • Women’s Wellness, Health and Safety

Our Four basic goals of action:

  • To inform women and men, the public, policy makers and media about issues from our life experiences as women.
  • To advance women’s roles in politics and policy-making so our concerns are addressed by  women.
  • To increase participation of women in the political and legislative processes, using our voices to inform and advocate for women’s rights and employing tactics and tools such as Get Out The Vote.
  • To nurture intergenerational networks of women so we can recognize and respond to the range of issues women experience across their life span and fulfill our full potential as women and as human beings in our society.

(Taken from the Statement of Purpose 4.4.12)

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