Tiburon Fine Dining–Decadence in Sandy, Utah

This weekend Russ and I had the lovely opportunity to dine with our good friends, Kris and Rachel! Kris and Rachel have been big fans of Tiburon for a long time–and I have heard them talk on many occasions about how amazing the food is. When they invited us to tag along on their dinner date, we couldn’t pass it up…even if we had to drive to Sandy! (I know, I know, I am a downtown snob who sometimes has a hard time believing that any great food exists outside of the city…it is bad). Kris’s sister has been a server at Tiburon for several years, so we were a little spoiled with great service and some tasty recommendations.

Tiburon is local and you can tell right away from their garden on the property that they are constantly using the freshest ingredients possible. Anytime I see a garden on restaurant property, I am automatically impressed. I appreciate a menu that changes with the seasons–it means that ingredients didn’t come out of a freezer bag or a cardboard box. This is something we should all look for in our dining experiences.

Also, wine. This is something that is great to have in your dining experience. 🙂 We knew we were going to make a long evening of dinner, so we came well-equipped with 4 bottles. (Corkage fees are always less expensive than a bottle at the restaurant; however, I do recommend Tiburons very fine wine list.)

We started with bread for the table that came with the most amazing butter I have ever had. It was flavored with pine nuts, herbs, some veggies and I am pretty sure I tasted some brown sugar in there. Whatever was in it was working perfectly to provide a sweet/savory flavor).

Next, we ordered three appetizers. By far, my favorite were the Seared Scallops (fresh Maine “DIVER” Scallops, dusted with Chipotle and pan seared, served with a chunky fresh tomato cream sauce ; $15 for 4 scallops). If you are going to pick one appetizer, go with the scallops–the sauce is incredible and the scallops were cooked to perfection.

We also ordered the Crab Cakes (sweet crab slow simmered with fresh tomatoes, white wine & herbs, served with tangy Mediterranean cucumber salad & roasted tomato Buerre Blanc: $12 for 4 cakes).  These were also incredibly delicious. The texture of the cakes were perfect and full of fresh crab. The sauce was light and added amazing flavor. By this time, it is obvious Tiburon has a great saucier.

Third, we ordered the Roast Chicken and Polenta (thin sliced roasted chicken, sautéed portabella & button mushrooms, roasted red peppers & Marsala/garlic demi-glace served over a grilled polenta cake: $11).  This was my least favorite of our choices, but not much to complain about here. It was a bit heavy–with complex notes in the sauce. This was a very mushroom prominent dish and the polenta was incredibly dense. Somehow, it wasn’t really what I was expecting. It was heavy enough to be an entree.

We are really enjoying ourselves at this point and our server recommends a few specials for entrees.  First, a Sockeye Salmon dish and second, a Filet topped with foie gras. (Yes, there is much controversy over foie gras–which I am not going to get into in this post. I don’t support animal cruelty in anyway, but I am not going to make someone’s food choices for them either. Foie gras is a French Cuisine staple and has been for hundreds of years, however, it is now being banned in many places–which I can definitely support.  Funny that today, when foie gras shows up in my food blog, it is banned in California).

ANYWAY, both of those main dish specials were ordered as well as the Pacific Pink Snapper (snapper topped with steamed leeks, applewood smoked bacon, finished with a plum sauce and garlic mashed potatoes: $35) and the Australian Lamb (pan seared Morgan Valley lamb tenderloin, dusted with fresh rosemary & black pepper, served with a whole grain mustard Demi-glace, blueberry reduction & a Parmesan and parsley risotto cake: $38). The salad that preceded the entrees was delightful–candied pecans, oven-roasted tomatoes, and apples added a lot of flavor. The fontina cheese was delightful.

Every dish was pretty amazing. The lamb was moist and melted in your mouth (and I am not usually a fan of lamb)–the risotto cake that accompanied that dish was outstanding. The salmon was also delicious, but nothing too surprising. I really enjoyed the mashed potatoes–and the small side of butternut squash that came on several of the plates was to die for. The snapper itself didn’t have much flavor, but the apple-wood smoked bacon on top helped with that problem. The filet was perfect–and if you haven’t tasted foie gras, all I will say is–wow. I can’t say that I would ever order it, but the flavor was out of this world. Out of all the dishes, I would say the lamb was probably my favorite–which surprises me. However, each dish was tasty and accompanied by several delightful head shakes and smiles–“this is amazing,”–that sort of thing.

Sockeye Salmon

Filet with Foie Gras

Red Snapper

Australian Lamb

For dessert, we had a chocolate mouse and creme brulee. Both were pretty basic, but delicious. There wasn’t a bite left.

All in all, the evening was full of wonderful food, flavors, friends, beverages, and even some live music. If you are looking to celebrate a special occasion, or have the means to drop a bit of cash on a great dinner–make your way out to the south valley and spend an evening at Tiburon. I highly recommend their lovely patio–and ask for Sarah–she will take great care of you!

Tiburon Fine Dining
8256 South 700 East
Sandy, UT 84070

Phone: 801-255-1200
Fax: 801-255-1200
Email: tiburonfinedining@yahoo.com

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