Pig & a Jelly Jar–The Jury is Still Out

I had been really anxious to get to Pig & a Jelly Jar since their opening. I had heard mixed reviews on everything from the service to the food, but I always like to check things out myself. Last Friday both Russ and I had the day off and decided we would check out their breakfast.

The restaurant itself is pretty cute. The location is great and the space is super clean. It doesn’t have much of an “inviting” feel–but it definitely looked new and ready for customers. The walls could probably use some more flair and the restaurant was freezing cold, but other than that, I enjoyed the overall atmosphere. Pig & a Jelly Jar is super tiny though–not a lot of space, which is quaint–but I could see some serious wait times on a busy day.

The service was excellent. Both the management and our server were super nice, welcoming, and attentive. Nothing to complain about there. However, our food took an exceptionally long time–about 30 minutes for breakfast, which seemed excessive. Also, they did not have decaf coffee, a Chelsea breakfast staple (I can’t drink the leaded). Russell ordered the Chicken and Waffles ($10) and I ordered the Mexican Fritatta, which the server suggested ($8).

What was good: The Mexican Fritatta. This dish is probably what took longer to cook, but it would have been nice if the server had mentioned that or it was on the menu somewhere. The flavor of the eggs and the jalapeno cream on the top were all lovely. It was a great breakfast dish.  The flavor of the chicken on the Chicken and Waffles was decent–but that dish had several problems.

What wasn’t so good: Everything else. The chicken on the waffle was so overcooked that the skin completely came off in one large, crispy, overdone chunk. The chicken underneath was a bit charred. Also, the syrup was already put on the plate when the dish was served, leaving the waffle super soggy within minutes.  There was also just too much of it (syrup that is). Between the overdone chicken and the overload of syrup, the dish was a stomach ache waiting to happen. It would have also been nice if the dish came with an egg or something else to add to the flavors and look of the plate.

Additionally, the “Cottage Fries” that came on the side of the Mexican Fritatta were not great. They were cut too thick to be crisp, therefore the oil was just soaked up, leaving the outside of the potato wedge dry and the middle soggy. Had they been sliced very thin, they would have been a nice side dish.

Verdict? I am not sure. I can see the potential in some of the flavors–but the overall experience left us sort of shaking our heads. Perhaps they are still figuring a few things out, which is typical for a new restaurant. Second chance?  Maybe–but probably for lunch or their Sunday Supper. I think I will stick to my other favorites for brunch.

Try Pig & a Jelly Jar for yourself! Tell me what YOU thought!

401 East 900 South Suite A
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
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  1. When we went our chicken was cooked perfectly. I also had the waffle with pineapple curd which was super tasty. Overall, I enjoyed it but thought it was a little heavy for my personal likings.

  2. Sometimes you just don’t know if what you are served is a fluke (our chicken being totally overcooked) or not. The waffle with pineapple curd sounds great. Glad your experience was a bit different. Heavy for me too–which made me feel like my choices were somewhat limited. Thanks for commenting!

  3. I find new restaurants totally hit and miss. We have a favorite new place and it takes them forever to make the food BUT the food is always great and I know it is taking a long time because they are making it fresh. I usually like to give a place 2ish tries. After that it isn’t a fluke any longer.

  4. Chelsea it is in Provo. I don’t know if you come this way often. And it is called the Black Sheep Cafe. It has a unique menu and it Is soooo good! Highly recommend it. Downtown Provo. Always ask what the daily special is. I get that 75% of the time

  5. Wow… can’t believe that someone put that piece of chicken on a waffle and brought it out. Roscoe would be ashamed. I gotta say that our experience was pretty similar. What’s going on Meditrina founders? I know that you guys know how to run a restaurant!

    • I know! I love love Meditrina. I have never had a bad experience there. Hopefully Pig & a Jelly Jar will figure it out. But that chicken was pretty rough. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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