Faustina–A Perfect Summer Brunch

I had been to Faustina a few times before for lunch and dinner and always enjoyed it.  However, this weekend we were on a brunch mission.  Something new. Something with a patio. Something not terribly expensive. We ended up having an amazing brunch on Faustina’s lovely patio in the hot Salt Lake summer sun. It was divine.

We chose Faustina for a few reasons. First, they were open. We were heading out to eat around 9:45, and many restaurants who focus on lunch/dinner don’t open their brunch doors on the weekend until 10:30 or 11. Second, their price range and menu options were exactly what we were looking for. Service was prompt and friendly–and their brunch menu isn’t just your typical run of the mill eggs and bacon. The menu holds a true quality of creativity and fine dining, even in their breakfast.

We started with the Brie Puff Pastry ($9), which basically contained everything that I love. Delicious melty cheese, pastry dough, roasted grapes, a delectable fig spread, and toasted french baguette. HEAVEN.  This is seriously something I could eat everyday. Of course, that puff pastry would start showing up on my hips quite quickly. It was an amazing way to start the morning, however.

I ordered the Eggs Benedict ($11). If you know me at all, you know that Eggs Benedict is probably one of my all-time favorite meals…ever. A good hollandaise sauce can change your life. Additionally, you would also know that the potato is not one of my favorite food items (my disdain for the potato doesn’t rival the hatred of the bell pepper, but I will never choose to eat a potato, nope). I appreciate a breakfast option that has nothing to do with starch or carbs or potatoes. Faustina offers a salad OR potatoes with their eggs benny. PERFECT! Faustina’s spin on the eggs benny is using polenta cakes in place of the English muffin and Italian sausage in place of ham, and you will find no complaints about that here. The Dodo Restaurant also does uses polenta cakes, and I find it a great way to make the dish more flavorful and interesting. Go polenta!  You are so underrated. Faustina’s eggs benny was delicious, not too heavy, creamy, and wonderful–and this is coming from a girl who has had nearly every eggs benny in the city. The salad was a great side-note with butter leaf lettuce, a light creamy dressing, and dried apple crumbles. I could order this dish over and over.

Russ ordered the Baked Oatmeal Brulee ($6). It was a small, but heavy dish–full of sweet flavors that ended up feeling more like a dessert (staying true to its name!). The warm bananas that topped the oats weren’t too mushy, even though the entire dish was fairly hot and the sundried fruit and nuts added great texture. A lovely breakfast dish for those looking to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Between our three dishes and some great coffee, all our brunch dreams were fulfilled. Thank you Faustina! Check it out for yourself….

Find Faustina on 300 South and 454 East.

Find them on Facebook HERE >>

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  1. I was just looking for a good brunch place this weekend! Ended up at Caffe Niche, but I think I might have to make this my stop next time. Looks delicious!!

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