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Salt Lake City is definitely becoming more and more of a foodie city every day. Some amazing restaurants have opened their doors in the past 2 years alone. However, dining at Zy Restaurant brought it all full circle for me: Salt Lake City IS a place of outstanding food, chefs, and restaurants.

Zy isn’t cheap, which is why it took us a bit longer to get there. We wanted to do it up right and enjoy ourselves without having to worry too much about that bill at the end. We finally had an opportunity to do that (thanks to a business dinner) and we enjoyed ourselves very much.

Zy isn’t a large restaurant, but with the new patio, there is plenty of seating for small or large parties. The decor is light and modern with white linen draping each table. You are certainly getting an “experience” from the moment you enter. The service was wonderful and prompt.

Zy has a fairly extensive wine list–the wines are very diverse, and also not inexpensive. A glass of Pinot Noir will run you anywhere from $12 – $18, but it will probably be a wine you won’t easily forget. We started with a bottle of Windmill Estates Zinfandel from Lodi, California ($44) and fell in love. Complex, but intensely smooth, dark and flavorful–this wine complimented our food nicely. Bread with soft butter served in olive oil was also delivered to the table.

For our appetizers we chose the Duck Taco (red chili mole, radish, fresh cheese & cream $13) and Scallops (almond curry & red wine reduction $13). The Duck Tacos were outstanding.  Wrapped in their own little blue corn tortillas, the duck was tender and the flavor was exceptional. We were off to a great start. The Scallops were beautiful as you can see below and cooked to perfection. They were slightly thinner than I was expecting, but the almond curry gave the flavor a nice thickness and the overall dish was outstanding.

Next up we ordered three entrees. I decided on the Filet of True Cod (brown buttered crab, pearl couscous, green garlic, & beach mushrooms $27). This was a very light dish. The cod could not have been more flaky. Also, the couscous was a perfect compliment to the light white fish and added great texture. The beach mushrooms added another texture all together, which was awesome. The crab, however, was almost too light. I think that this is where the dish could have gotten some more richness, but they crab wasn’t a standout feature in the dish. However, even if the crab had been absent all together, it would have been a success.

The other two dishes that were ordered were the Neiman Ranch NY Strip (heirloom tomatoes, smoked blue cheese & potato puree $31) and the Tender Pecan Pork (wild mushrooms & sauteed greens $23). The steak dish was good, although the only thing that made it stand out from other high end steak dishes were the heirloom tomatoes–those ripe tomatoes were a great addition. The flavors were all pretty basic. The pork on the other-hand was phenomenal; melt in your mouth, fall of the bone, tender wonderfulness. It was definitely a heavy meat concentrated plate, but if you are into that kind of thing–the Pecan Pork is for you.

Of course, we couldn’t finish a meal like this without dessert. We went with the chocolate lava cake and the creme brulee!  Can you honestly go wrong with those choices?  The chocolate lava cake was divine and full of ooey-gooey chocolate decadence. The creme brulee was pretty much what you could expect–creamy with some nice fruit on top. But…you really have to give credit to the restaurant who will serve your coffee in a french press. WIN! It was a lovely finish to the meal.

Overall, the dining experience at Zy was quite that–an experience. Our little party of three enjoyed the food and the atmosphere–even if the bill at the end was a little, well, expensive. This is definitely a restaurant you want to go to for a special occasion or when you have some extra cash burning a hole in your pocket. And my advice would be to go for the menu items that seem different! You can get a steak anywhere–try the dishes that sound interesting and unique. You won’t be disappointed!

Find Zy Restaurant at 268 South State Street

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