This week in music: Kathleen Edwards, Iron & Wine, and Strung Out

This year has been sort of great for the Twilight Concert Series. Besides the bummer that was Passion Pit cancelling, each show we have been too has been awesome (Band of Horses being particularly wonderful). Plus, with the new charge this year of $5 per show, it has seemed to calm things down just a bit. Mind you, the crowd is still a bit overwhelming, but it isn’t anything like it was the past few years. People seem to be genuinely more interested in the music…which is sort of the point. Also, if you are heading out to Twilight the next few weeks, make sure to stop by The Copper Canyon Grillhouse and Tavern for dinner or drinks before.  They are located in the beautiful and newly renovated Radisson Hotel Salt Lake City Downtown. It is a great location for parking and food prior to the craziness of the concert series!

This week, I get to cross an artist off my bucket list that has been hanging out there since about 2008 or so; Kathleen Edwards. I came upon two of her albums, Failer and Back to Me at a time in my life where everything was changing, everything was hard, and I felt everything just a little more intensely. This is sort of how I would describe Edward’s music as well.  Intense with raw feeling, void of any apology for anger/sadness/bravery/love/hate, and beautiful but powerful as well. I am just becoming familiar with her two latest albums, but here are a few of my favorite Kathleen Edwards tunes for you.

And here are a few new ones that I am loving–this is a great acoustic sesh, I recommend watching the entire thing:

Kathleen Edwards is opening for Iron and Wine, which I also love–but can get bored with if I listen to them too much. However, here is a tune I could never bore of:

Then, Russ is happy about the Strung Out show this weekend. I am not super psyched for this show, but it will be fun…nostalgic even. My punk rock roots are sometimes hard to get back to these days. I don’t want to die in the pit of crazy old moshers pretending they are momentarily teenagers again. So, I will stand in the back and drink and do some of that punkrawk bouncing that I used to be so good at…you know, back when I was 15. 🙂

So that is what will be filling my ear holes this week. Hope you kids have some lovely tunes dancing through your brains too. ❤


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