An Engagement Story

This weekend, the love of my life took me up to the beautiful Uinta mountains and made me the happiest girl in the world. Yes, I know – every newly engaged woman says that. But here is the thing, I am the winner.

Russell and I have been together pretty much since the first day we met – January 18, 2011. It has been a year and nine months of the most fulfilling, rewarding, and happiest days of my life. I honestly didn’t know it could get this good. And the best part? I know he would say the same thing. We both worked very hard to find each other and are both in a place in our lives where we understand the incredible difficulty that surrounds meeting someone who makes your life better in every way possible. Meeting him made every hard thing in my life worth it.

So, on Sunday, on the most perfect rock by the most perfect river, Russ started unpacking an amazing picnic full of fruit, olives, cheese, salami, and a bottle of champagne. But, before he was done, he pulled out a little blue box. I knew it was coming. And, I had just eaten a huge cracker–seriously. That is right, my mouth was totally full of food when he said, “You know I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I brought you up here because it is a little bit of both of us and I wanted to be in a beautiful place to ask you this. So, Chelsea, will you marry me?” Then he opened that little box, and my food-filled mouth gaped open and my eyes got larger than they probably ever have been. And I kissed him. Cracker and all. And I said yes. It was so “us” and kind of perfect.

He put that amazing ring on my finger and made me the happiest I have ever been. And then we ate and wandered around the beautiful river and talked about all the great things we want in our future. It was the best day I can remember.

Afterwards, we drove straight to my parents house – where they were waiting for us, already aware of the good news. My mom had a few special reserve bottles of Martinellis’s and was ready to toast! Even celebrating “Mormon style” (as my mom put it) was super fun. My family is so excited for us and I am so happy that they have completely taken Russell in as their own. Sometimes I think they love him more than they love me – which is totally understandable, he is quite loveable.

Thank you to everyone for your kind words. It means so much to us. We are so incredibly happy and looking forward to everything our future holds. Mostly, I am just glad I have that grin in my life every day.

I love you, Russell – you are the best thing this world has made…so far. πŸ˜‰

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  1. Hell yeah!!! That is super awesome!!! πŸ˜€ I am so happy for you and Russ. It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving and awesome person. πŸ™‚ Here is to many, many, many happy years!!! πŸ™‚

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