Dojo Restaurant and Sushi Bar – Pork Belly Raman Steals the Show!

During Dine-O-Round, we finally got around to checking out Dojo Restaurant and Sushi Bar, which is located by the Gateway next to the Homewood Suites. Despite looking like it might be a strip mall kind of deal, after entering the restaurant, that perception was quickly left behind. The decor in Dojo is super modern and inviting – they even have a few private dining “dojos” you can reserve. I love this idea because it takes me back to the days of Mikado on 100 South, which was my favorite place for a private and intimate sushi dinner. I am glad there is an option for this dining experience again in SLC.

We were hoping for a great Dine-O-Round menu so that we could taste several different menu items and get a real feel for the restaurant; however, the Dine-O-Round menu really didn’t strike our fancy and didn’t allow for us to get what we really wanted. So, we decided to wing it and order off the regular menu. We started with some Miso Soup and some Edamame, which was all very standard and tasty. We then ordered 4 sushi rolls and the Pork Belly Raman, which is the menu item I had heard the most about and was looking the most forward to.

The sushi rolls were all very good. My favorite was the roll with the Wagyu Beef Sashimi – such great flavor. However, the item that really stole the show was the Pork Belly Raman. Savory, hot, rich, and not too salty, this raman soup is one of the best I have had in Salt Lake City. The pork belly was cooked wonderfully and everyone at the table loved it.

The one thing that I didn’t love about Dojo was the prices. I felt like they were quite steep. We could have dined at Takashi for what we paid (and I do not think that Dojo was as good as Takashi in regards to food, atmosphere, or service). The food was good and we will probably go back…but if we want to spend that much on sushi again, we will most likely opt for Takashi and try to go a less expensive route at Dojo by sticking to the raman. Had the prices been $1.50 to $2.00 less (especially for sushi rolls), I think it would have been priced perfectly. However, we were by no means disappointed with our experience at Dojo.

Try Dojo out for yourself!

423 W 300 South Ste. 150
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101

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