Firehouse BBQ – Something About Finger Licking in Sugarhood…

I am not the biggest fan of BBQ in general, as un-American as that might sound. Slabs of meat, BBQ sauce, sticky fingers, and bibs just really aren’t my thing. However, they are something that Russell is pretty into (and I can’t ALWAYS make the food choices). It has probably been about 4 years since I have actually eaten at a BBQ joint, but Russ got me out to try Firehouse BBQ, in what they loving term “Sugarhood” last week.

It was delicious.

Here is the thing: ribs are good. Moreover, ribs on a bun, drenched in BBQ sauce, are fantastic. So, my thoughts on BBQ in general maybe changing. Firehouse is awesome. Their smoker sits right outside the front door and the ambiance is inviting, laid back, and easy going. The menu is written on a chalk board with few, but all important options. Sandwiches seem to be their specialty, and did I mention that the prices are sort of amazing? $4 gets you a 1 bone rib sandwich, which comes with 2 homemade sides and sweet/spicy pickles. Score.

Russ can vouch for both the pulled pork (which seems to be the hottest ticket item) and the lemon curry chicken – he loved both. The rib sandwich was awesome. The only think I didn’t like about it was the fact that I had to de-bone my sandwich before eating. To some–that might not be a big deal, but I had to get fairly saucy and sticky before I even took a bite. A girl like me would appreciate them taking the bone off the ribs before serving the sandwich. But, that of course, didn’t ruin the great flavor. Smokey. Sweet. A little kick, but not spicy (yay!). The bun soaked up all the BBQ goodness and I ate that sucker in about two minutes. The potato salad side was awesome, but I didn’t care for the pasta salad too much. However, the best side by far was their homemade BBQ beans. Unbelievable flavor.

So there you have it. I am now a huge Firehouse BBQ fan. I will go again and probably again after that. You can’t beat a quick meal, a flavor punch in the face, and not more than $5 out of your pocket. Check out Firehouse for yourself!

Firehouse BBQ
2100 South 565 East
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