Liberty Heights Fresh Market – Please Don’t Ever Leave Me!

I need to tell you about something. A lot of you probably already know about it, because it is so wonderful, but for those of you who don’t – listen up.

For the past 5 months or so, Russ and I have been eating only organic at home. This means a lot of trips to Whole Foods and other places like Sprouts. But there is this little gem up the street from us that needs a serious Heartbeat Nosh shout out: Liberty Heights Fresh Market.

I am in love.

Liberty Heights Fresh Market is like the zen of organic grocery stores. Located on 1300 South and 1100 East, it is right in the heart of Salt Lake City where both downtowners and Sugarhouse dwellers can easily access REAL food from here in Utah. The amount of times that I drove by this local market without stopping is actually embaressing…I just went for the first time this year. What kind of foodie am I? Sigh. Regardless, I am sure there are many more like me out there.

Liberty Heights Fresh is stock piled with local goods. In fact, we never buy our milk anywhere else. After trying the Rosehill Dairy milk, we can honestly never go back. This milk has kept us visiting LHF nearly every week for a few months. The milk comes in lovely glass jugs that you return after finishing. There is something awesome about drinking your milk, returning the jug, and grabbing another glass bottle of fresh, local milk to take home. Even when we do our grocery shopping elsewhere, we make a special stop JUST for Rosehill milk. You can ABSOLUTELY taste the difference.

LHF doesn’t just have local dairy products (which they have plenty of from ice cream to cream cheese, to eggs and butter). They also have a huge variety of local meats and produce. They even tend to have things you can’t find elsewhere or perhaps have never heard of – which I love. Even the cured meats are amazing – and they will slice you up a piece of anything to try before you buy. Awesome.

LHF also has a sustainably farmed food program, which is amazing. Each week you receive a basket of local seasonal produce as well as things like granola, yogurt, oatmeal, and cheese–depending on what is available. This is a great way to try food that is being grown close to home that is easy and accessible. However, LHF doesn’t just do local food – they have food from all over the world in their store. Chocolate, truffles, saffron, oils and vinegars, and so much more. You could buy something every day for the rest of your life and probably not get to it all. For a store so small, they offer an amazing variety. LHF also does deli, catering, and gift baskets – which would be a great local gift and perfect for the holidays.

Seriously, if you aren’t shopping here, check it out and I promise you will find something that will make you a lifer. Whether it is milk, a certain kind of chocolate bar, or cookies from a local baker – I promise, you will find it. Support local and check out Liberty Heights Fresh Market if you haven’t yet!

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